three things thursday!

1. Bondi bands!  Someone very nice at Bondi Band sent me two to try out - one is a shinier fabric, one is more stretchy.  I've tried them both, and they both kick butt at my #1 pet peeve - hair flying in my mouth while I'm running/cycling/etc.  I've been wearing one under my helmet while cycling to try and prevent swamp-helmet-head, and I totally heart it.

This is a pic of the one I've been wearing most often:
So cute!  Shiny peace signs!

Sadly, I don't have one to give away (unless someone wants one that's been stretched out by my fat head and sweated in), but Bondi Band gave me something even better: a coupon code just for you guys!

Buy 3, Get 1 FREE: use coupon code ONE.
Buy 5 for $25: use coupon code FIVE.

We just won't talk about how many of these I need to own.  

2. My big news: I'm going to run the Crystal City Twilighter 5K on Saturday night.  My first post-ITBS actual running race!!  I'm more excited than I probably should be for a 5K.  I am setting a pretty easy goal for myself: finish.  I think I have it in my legs to smash the potatoes out of my PR, but it's definitely not happening this weekend, as much as I want to chase it down.  And my IT band has been a tiny bit grumpy as I've been adjusting to the outside, so I may even end up doing a little walk/running, depending on how it feels.  If anyone wants to run with me/pace me/come back to laugh at me as I get dusted by the guy with the triple-stroller, let me know - I'll definitely need an post-race ice cold beer, if nothing else!

3. Conte's hill workout.  HOLY EVERLIVING MOTHER OF CRAP.  Now I know.  


  1. Looking hardcore in that pic! Good luck with the 5K!

  2. I agree with TMB - rawr! ;)

    I'll be at the CC 5K too - haven't decided if I'm "racing" it (since now I won't be running 16 miles that Morning), but will definitely be enjoying a post-race FREE beer. Nom.

  3. I wanted to do this but have a long run Sunday AM so I will be SLEEPING at 8:30 pm. Knock 'em dead. PR for the hell of it why doncha?

  4. Good Luck girl! I wish I could be there! With all the biking workouts you've been doing, I bet you do have the ability to kill your PR. Hope the IT Band plays nice so you can really cruise.

  5. Good for you for getting back into your races. 5ks are a lot of fun. I've been doing a summer series and, even though it's hot as heck, I still love them! (p.s. don't you just love it when you get passed by people with the running joggers! I hope I'm that quick when I have a kid.)

    I typically wear a visor while I'm running, but the Bondi Band looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the coupon code.

  6. Dude that Booty headband I got you at the tri was a bondi band! They rock!

  7. you look awesome! I wish I was gonna be in town I would totally do the twilighter!

  8. You are ROCKING that Bondi Band! Good luck this weekend; have a great race!!!

  9. Awesome picture!

    Look for me at the race. I'll be volunteering with bib pickup, etc at the start. Then I'll be running and not running fast as I don't do 100 degrees. ;o)

  10. Hooray! That's SUCH a fun race! I'm not doing it this year, but can attest to the fact that it's the sort where you curse the weather, running and yourself during it, but vow to do it again next year at the super-fun post-race party.

    More importantly, consider this race your victory lap for the past several months of hard work overcoming injury. No matter what your time, you're sure to net a post-injury PR!

  11. You ARE looking wicked hardcore! And maybe I will actually try those bondi bands - they looked dorky before but you seem to make them "cool." :)
    Good luck tomorrow night! Remember to have fun!!!

  12. OOOH! Good luck on the race tonight! That is SO awesome. Can't wait to see how your ITB felt and how KICKASS FAST you are!

    I am so so so overwhelmed from this week at work. Many stories, some not blog appropriate... hopefully we can chat soon!

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