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where to even begin...

The weekend that my grandmother passed away, team amazing day was hosting training camp in Boulder.  My third and the largest one yet, and Colorado weather made sure to teach me a good lesson about planning.  Unlike camp in February, where we had cracking 65ยบ weather through the last day when we were treated to a few inches of perfect fluffy snow, this time we got hammered with rain, flooding, hail, snow, thunder, wind.  By the end of the weekend, I think the only workout that we had completed as originally on the schedule was the race.   Regardless of all of that, I love hosting training camp; to spend time with athletes in person is priceless.  But also to watch how they work through a challenging weekend, to see how they fare and react as the fatigue piles up, I know, your crotch hurts and you’re tired of eating and then a road was closed so everyone got lost , when it stops being easy and fun and starts been plain old hard work, those are special moments and not just because I

amazing grace

I had a lot to talk about, a few weeks ago.  My parents came through town, we went shooting, I hosted the biggest training camp yet, ironman training has been different some more, Hunter is getting big and fat, all the normal things of my life.  And then last Sunday, my grandma passed away, and none of that exactly seems to matter right now. I was up to my neck in camp, crazy weather in Colorado meant that almost every single session on the original schedule got moved or altered due to pouring rain and then snow, I thought I was holding my shit together okay though but I woke up Sunday morning and saw that my mom had called at 3:45am and I knew.  My grandma had been sick for a while, she had Alzheimer's which I know affects a lot of people in a lot of different ways but the disease is disgusting, it steals precious moments from everyone that it touches.  But I don't want to talk about the last two years of her life and how she suffered.  I don't even know what I do want t