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simply to reveal

Last year I talked quite a bit about making my circles smaller, about the universe shaking people through the colander and leaving me with the larger pieces, the ones that matter.  Relationships are never perfect, they wax and wane and need work, but I continue to learn that working on imperfect relationships is far better than tossing them all out the window and starting over.  I've been thinking about that a lot recently, the value of old friendships, and I've been trying to focus more on nurturing the relationships I have instead of hitting the "follow" button on 200 new ones.   Over the past month, I've been lucky enough to go and visit or be visited by some of the closest friends I have, and what a great reminder that the three-dimensional people in your life are so much more important than the flat people that live inside your computer screen.   And, without any big ridiculous declaration, I've been taking some tiny steps back.  I've realized

the aftermath

So, it's been a month since ironman. I rolled neatly from the finish line into my off-season, and I'm sure it looks quite like the off-season of everyone else.  For two weeks I did nothing.  Nada.  I didn't even take the dogs on a walk.  I worked, I slept, I put things in my mouth, I read some books, and that was about it.  I didn't get near the scale or the pool or the running shoes, I ignored vegetables and tried some of that cookie butter people have been raving about (my life remains unchanged but I have discovered the level of sugar I need to ingest if I would like my kneecaps to vibrate).  For the first two weeks, all of that was enough, and that's how I know that I was fully cooked by my year: satisfied, tired, uninterested in all things swim/bike/run/lift, no itches to go out and run a few miles or join the poet at masters, no internet FOMO disease.  I wanted to sit around and watch my bruises heal, let my mind and body simply exhale.   The first pair