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snow puppies

So, nobody blow my cover with the poet , but I'm actually thrilled that we live somewhere that gets regular and (what I would consider) significant snow.  Or maybe just significantly more snow than we got in DC, "snowmageddon" events aside. The night that we moved in, it was snowing.  Not heavily, and it only left a dusting on the ground, but snowing indeed.  Since then, we've had a couple of days where we've gotten an inch or two of snow, and this weekend we got a nice dump of it. We had Graham home for about two weeks when that big snowstorm hit DC.  I think he remembers it.   Molly and Sofie haven't really experienced much snow.  Molly is a pretty princess who does not like to go outside when it is cold, raining, has recently rained, might possible rain, or if the sun goes behind a cloud.   Sofie is generally just scared of everything. When we woke up yesterday morning and saw how much was coming down, we took them out for a very short and wi

Austin Half Marathon: race report

I didn't want to run a half marathon this year. I've lost a bit of my taste for racing, somewhere.  I've learned that I would prefer training block after training block after training block, and I don't like interrupting that with the taper/race/recovery mess that comes along with race day.  But I also have learned that I need to be doing things that get me out of my comfort zone (sigh), so a half marathon it was. By this point in my life, I've run a fistful of half marathons, about half of them off the bike.  And almost without exception, I've lined up with something nagging - maybe I'm still getting over a cold, maybe I had a devastating back injury and haven't run in two weeks, maybe this wahh, maybe that wahh.  If I had lined up for the marathon like I had originally planned, I would have been in that situation.  Because bouncing back from the mess my life was all fall to a marathon the second week of February, that would have left something na

my life as a blogger is complete

A lot of someones sent me this late last night.  Apparently someone over at the meme factory found this picture and cheezburger'd it up.   It's somewhat remarkable that this picture does not largely feature my ass, based on the volume of those photos floating around.  Also, as many have commented, surely we can come up with a better meme than THAT.  (Original meme posted here , photo stolen from here ). 

I don't know what's wrong with me

That phrase has been in my post-workout notification comments at least three times in the past few weeks.  "I don't know what's wrong with me." "I'm a mess." Training isn't going poorly.  In fact, training is going far better than I would expect for January (well, now February).  I'm really not a fan of doing comparisons, especially to myself, but if I think about how I was running in January of last year and how I'm running now, it's better.  Not a lot better, I'm not suddenly running sub-7s at MAF, but slightly better.  A noticeable amount of better.  Especially when I consider the double-slammer of recovering from pneumonia (lungs are clear, most days I don't need a shot from the inhaler) and moving a mile up (still see black spots if I get out of bed too quickly but I don't have to breathe every stroke AND off the wall in the pool anymore).  I know I'm not adjusted to the altitude yet - the common consensus is that