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it's not you, it's me

You guys, I just don't want to. Maybe I've worn out my welcome on the internet, maybe I'm getting old and tired, or maybe any original thoughts I once had have since dried up since we moved to Colorado.  Turned into tumbleweeds and blown away.  But I'm not going to make any sulky apologies for being absent or sweeping declarations about being done here on the internet, because if there is one goddamn thing I have learned since I started this blog, it's not to make grandiose promises in print.  Or to really say anything that I would not instead paint on my naked body and walk up and down the street shouting. So I will say this.  Life is, simply, good. Part of it is that I don't want to sit down and talk about my training because I feel like I have nothing to say that is new or interesting or exciting.  I ran an hour easy today.  Do you know how many times in the past year I've run an hour easy?  Conservatively, a billion.  Who wants to hear about tha

the "captioned photos" life update

May 1st. Puppies. Sniffles. Cycling. Cycling. Cycling. Running. Running (wrinkled). Skiing. Skiing. Running. Gift cards plus majorly on sale. Puppy.