Monday, May 31, 2010

a visit home (it's long)(that's what she...)

I drove home Thursday afternoon to spend the early part of the weekend with my parents.  Other than a car-on-fire-no-moving-for-an-hour snafu that made the DC-Baltimore part of the trip almost 2 hours, it was a pretty easy ride.  G rode shotgun.  He doesn't like: bumps in the road, direct sunlight, and when Eminem comes on the iPod.

Thursday night we went out to a local chinese/mix restaurant, and I had my favorite Philadelphia chinese treat: Chinese Pizza (often known as Scallion Pancakes).  I have yet to find a chinese place around here that I love (and I've tried quite a few!!) and I don't think I've ever seen one with scallion pancakes.  There was one in Waldorf when I lived there, but nothing any closer.  I didn't order an entree, but I picked at my dad's pad thai and my mom's chicken with broccoli.  My mom took this picture while we were waiting for our credit card back:
Yes, I was probably twittering at the table.  Rude panda!

Thursday night I finally took my dreaded econ final.  I don't think I've ever studied so hard and ended up with such a bad grade.  Ugh.  But at least it's done, and all signs point to me passing the class, so hurrah!

Friday I decided to take a much needed rest day.  The only thing I did all day was walk the pup, and then we both needed a nap.  It was brilliant!  Friday night we went out to dinner at the Pistachio Grille.  I had the penne with chicken and sausage.  It was really interesting - there were whole pieces of chicken and sausage, but there was also chopped sausage bits in the sauce.  I think my favorite thing in there was the sauteed spinach - I picked it all out and ate it before boxing it up to come home with me.  And I usually hate leftovers, but this was good warmed up for lunch the next day.

On Saturday I went to the gym with my dad.  He belongs to LA Fitness.  He was able to bring me in on a guest pass so I didn't have to pay for the day - score!  It was a pretty standard gym - weights on the floor, cardio machines on a second floor wraparound that overlooked the main floor.  I always start my day with the one-legged Bosu squats I love so much.  I did 4x15 of those suckas on each leg, then moved to bridges on the stability ball (humpers).  I was working those/crunches, when this...GUY...walks over to me and asks, "how long have you been doing those one-legged squats like that?"  I say..."um...I dunno...a while" in a what's-your-point-here voice.  He says something like "wow, they were great.  want me to show you how to make them harder?"  Um, yes, but, wait, who are you?  Oh hi, he's the guy that heads up personal training for some of the LA Fitness's (Fitness'?  Fitnii?) in the area, and he's bored because of a no-show.  

Now, this happens in my gym sometimes (random guys talking to me about my workouts) - generally because I am, as a woman, in the minority in the free weight/scary weight machine area.  And I don't think I'm super strong or anything - I just think that the workouts I've scrapped together are different from the normal inner thigh/outer thigh/quad/bicep machine then off to the elliptical routine that most - some! - women do.  In the gym I frequent.  Not all gyms.  I am not making sweeping generalizations here.  (Pause while a bunch of women remove me from their blogroll while spitting and hissing).

This is also the kind of thing that randomly happens to me.  When I'm trying on wedding dresses?  And a guy starts talking to me about how he can change the design on my dress?  Oh, he's the guy that owns the company and started out with a sewing machine in his mom's basement and he's in DC for the line's trunk show.  WHAT.  I don't know.  Randomness follows me around.  And I got divorced so I think the word you're looking for here is ANYWAY....

Mr. Veiny Arms McFit asks me a bunch of questions about how much I work out, has me break it down into how much I lift vs. cardio, how often, for how long, etc.  Good, so I won't die from random-ness.  He brings the Bosu over the the cable machine, and has me hold a deep one-legged balancing squat on the Bosu while doing cable bicep curls.  Yeah, I like it.  He asks me what I'm planning on lifting that day - I say - legs.  He asks - want me to show you some more stuff?  Do I want some free training from someone who is super qualified?  And is live, not inside the internet?  Wait, HELL YES.  

So he gathers up a bunch of crap, cackling and rubbing his hands together evilly.  First: step-squats the length of the gym with a 10lb plate that I'm holding like I'm driving a car (I pretended to drive.  And honk.  Whatever, you would too.).  Okay, a little bit of burning here.  Then step-squats the length of the gym on my tippy toes while doing arm extensions.  Yeah, I'm sweating.  AND I LIKE IT.  Then crazy squat-jumps.  Then ridiculous reverse squats on the machine using my head.  Then combo lunge/drive-throughs with a medicine ball and a jump.  It's all hard to explain.  Every once in a while he would show me something I already do, so I'd say, nope, show me something new.  (HAHAHA I already do double leg hops SUCKA!!)  After about 30 minutes it obviously became a challenge - he was trying to find something I would die doing.  I LOVE IT HURT ME MORE PLEASES!  And he kept making comments about how strong I was - and I know that this was partly just a thing trainer guys do to make you feel better, but it made me feel awesome.  Because I'm not Hercules-woman, but I am strong, goddammit.  3 months of trying to make my IT band stronger has made ME stronger.  Funny how that works.

He ended up spending 90 minutes with me before my dad tried to drag me out of the gym by my neck.  It was a great session for many reasons.  Obviously a) I like free stuff.  But also 2) he showed me a ton of new things to add to my normal routine, many of which take me away from machine-lifting (I like this) and more into using-my-own-body lifting.  And it's all variations on a theme, but I'm so bored at the gym these days that I'll take anything different, especially things that make me feel even more muscutacular.  At the end he asked me if there was anything else (other muscles) I wanted some recommendations for, and then said, "I noticed you've got a bit of a tummy."  WOW.  How To Pick Up A Woman, Volume 1: The Direct Path To Hell.  (Pause while all the feminists unfollow me.)  I DO have a bit of a tummy, thankyouverymuch, but I've lost almost 20 lbs in the past 4 months and because of mean awesome Heather I am freakin' working on my abs in particular right now and have you ever even MET a woman before?  My ego says, "OUCH I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS HERE."

But in all seriouslyness, it's kind of awesome to work with someone who isn't afraid to point out the things you should work on, even if gurrl can't even SPELL tact (t-a-c-t.).  So I told him what I was already doing and he showed me a few things and the last thing, the very last one, I can't do, and he danced a little jig.  It involved laying on a bench holding on with my hands over/behind my head, tucking my feet to my butt, and then using my abs to lift my ass up over my head.  No momentum, no straightening the legs.  Now, let's face it, I am carrying quite a bit of junk back there in my trunk.  I'll be able to park my bike without a kickstand when I stop for water.  And this may be the best part of the session.  He says, "Yup, this one is going to be hard for you, because you've got a black girl butt."  (Pause while a bunch more offended people unfollow and/or send me nasty comments about THIS IS AMERICA YOU KNOW).  You see, I was just outside Philly, and a comment like that is essentially akin to a marriage proposal.  You cannot compliment someone more highly.  Go Katie Go Katie Go.  

My dad basically laughed his ass off when I told him how I got dragged into a seriously awesome training session, because, well, he raised me.  He knows I'm off the ridiculous scale.  So he took me home, I picked up G, and he got a pawdicure (so cute) for the first time.
How hilarious is this face?
Also, he got a new toy.

My grandparents came over Saturday night for dinner on the grill (yum!) and then I went out with some HS friends to drink beer and cuss at the Flyers as they skated around with their heads up their sweet tight asses.  Sunday morning I got up pretty early and headed back to VA.  G decided that the bumps were too much to handle and wanted to ride in my lap, but he weighs 70lbs and it's a SMALL car.
He is laying with his butt in the passenger seat, his middle over the console, his head and front feet on my lap.

(Pause while all the humane-animal people unfollow me, report me to local authorities, etc.)

Tomorrow: speedwork, BBQ, bike shopping, and more!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, memorable weekend.

Friday, May 28, 2010

i like random friday facts

Let's do it again, shall we?

1. I have a freckle in-between two toes.  Weird, right?  It just showed up a year or so ago.  

2. I was in the marching band in high school (was the drum major, capital N for Nerd), college, and then taught high school band for 4 years, including marching band.  I think being in the marching band is one of the nerdiest and best things you can do.  The companionship and pack mentality is probably similar to football teams and sororities (I have experience with neither).

3. Herr's Sour Cream & Onion potato chips are my favorite thing on the planet.  Thankfully, they aren't sold in DC, so I have to nom on them when I come home.  This is how weird I am - there are "good" bags and "bad" bags, and as soon as I open a bag, I can tell which it is going to be based on the smell.  I like to lay in bed and read a book and nosh.  It's my happy place.

4. I love working from home, but I think if I didn't have G (and you guys), I'd be incredibly lonely.  I talk to him all day and he follows me up and down the stairs as I eat lunch, get the mail, refill my water bottle, etc.

5. I'm an ENTJ.  Every time I take the test, I'm about 99% on the E and T scale.  When I read the description, I find it hilarious.  "You deal with things rationally and logically."  Yep.  Don't come mess up my backyard with your "emotion" and your "feelings."  Ick.  "There is not much room for error."  Yep.  "No patience with inefficiency."  Yep.  This is why my last job pissed me off so much.  

6. I'm also very obsessive-compulsive.  My house  I can't stand things being crooked or out of place.  I haven't slept well because a picture in my dining room is leaning due to a nail falling out of the wall.  Painting trim with me was a TON of fun.

7. I have more road rage than most people who say they have a lot of road rage.  My best friend almost killed me once over it on a long road trip where I'd had no sleep the night before and we were stuck in traffic in NYC.  This has actually gotten a lot better since I quit my last job, mostly because I'd spend 9 hours at work filled with suppressed murderous rage, and then spend an hour driving home letting that rage flag fly.  10+ hours a day of rage is not good for the overall mental state.  I also commute from my bedroom to the basement, so traffic is generally a lot lighter.

8. I have lawn guys. I know this makes me sound like a horrendous snob and I don't care.  The $100 a month has been totally worth it to not have to mow, weed, spray, mulch, plant, etc.  The poet is starting to take over some of the yard-guy-duties, which I think is awesome, but I will never be a gardening kind of person.

The yard before awesome-yard-guy-magic 
(the house stood empty for two years before I moved in):

The yard after:
Totally worth it!

9. Contrary to that, I love cleaning.  I had a cleaning lady for a while (I was living with FOUR boys) and she was just not as good as doing it myself!!  It drove me crazy.  So I clean.  And I complain about the messy boys but I actually don't mind them that much as they are pretty clean.  Except when they leave crumbs on the counters.  ARRR.  When I am stressed out, I clean.  It just works.

10. (This is not random) I got up early yesterday morning and ran at the gym.  I made the mistake of picking a treadmill that was in direct sunlight, so I got greenhouse'd the entire time.  I was dripped with ooge and sweat when I got off, it was great.  I did 4 half-mile repeats w/2 minutes recovery in between.  The last two I was hauling ass (for me).

Total: 2.8/30:00/avg. pace 10:42

The pup and I drove up to PA yesterday, and we'll be here until Sunday.  (See?  I plan my weekend around not sitting in Memorial Day traffic)  I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

three things thursday

1. The email reply to comments disaster.  Okay, so.  All you lovely folks are kind enough to comment on my blog, and I WANT to reply to all of you.  No, really, I do!  But when I hit reply in gmail to sparkle you back, I get a "no-reply@blogger" disaster.  NO!  I've spent some time googling this and here's what I've found:

a. There is no way to fix it.
b. Everyone is REALLY REALLY MAD about it.
c. But WORDPRESS can do it!
d. There is no way to fix it.

HOWEVER (she says..)
If you do step number one that I found here to edit or create a profile, when I click on your name, it will take me to your profile page and THEN (and only then), I can reply to your email with some private wit just for you!  A lot of work just so I can send you an email, I know, but I can't find a better way and c'mon now, you want it.  Plus I feel SUPER BAD when someone leaves me a nice comment and gets.....*crickets.*  Blogspot people, if you know of some magic that the internet does not, please bestow on me.

2. I AM CONFUSED (who's surprised?  shut up, you, put your hand down).  I've been all "wah wah wah IT band wah wah" and on Tuesday at the gym, ran 2 (slow) (no really, I mean it, slow) mile repeats w/2 minutes rest before, middle, and after.  No pain.  WHAT!  

3. The pool at my gym is made of salt.  Yes, I usually leave the gym and go to a different pool because a) I have no idea why.  So yesterday because of a time crunch I swam at my gym and ICK BLECH WHAT IS THAT?  I vaguely remember the welcome-to-the-gym dude saying that when we signed up but yarrrgh.  No good.  Now I know how the girl with the blue umbrella feels.  So I think I'll go back to swimming at W-L and so much for loving my gym because it has a pool.  Le sigh.

Happy Thursday!  The pup and I are hitting the road this afternoon, scooting up to PA so he can get spoiled by my folks.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

things before 30 musings

The general consensus about my list is that it should contain skydiving.  Also, maybe I should go skydiving.  "GO SKYDIVING DOOOODE IT'S AWESOSOOOOMEMEE,"....etc, are the comments I got from my post requesting ideas.  

So maybe it would be more appropriate to make a list of the dangerous/ridiculous/embarrassing things I've done, and then we can pick up from there.  Yeah?  Yeah, sounds like a good Tuesday chuckle.

1.  I have been skydiving.  Many times.  When I lived in Indiana, I had a friend who was certified who convinced me to go, and I was hooked.  I spent one of my Indiana summers (1999?) trying to get in enough dives for a cert, rolling my own parachute, etc.  If I can find some pictures of me doing this with crazy 18-year-old hair, I'll put em up here.  So, if it will make you crazy people happy, I'll go again, but, been there, done that.

2. I have a tattoo.  It's one of the best things I've ever done, and I love it, and I'm not scared of getting another (okay, maybe a little), but I want the one I have to be meaningful, and for me, for now, that means being the only one.

3. Someone said something about falling madly in love.  I've been married, which I know (I KNOW) is not the same thing, but I've also had a few loves here or there.  I've had the roller coaster, and I've had (have) the sweet peace of moving side-by-side through the universe with someone who is both a lover and a friend.

4. I've had a bikini wax, although not the scary naked way, but for me....well...I'm good.

5. Someone else talked about running a marathon before I'm 30.  I WOULD FREAKIN LOVE TO OK THANKS.  But.  My birthday is October 8.  I can currently run 6 minutes without falling to the ground screaming and clutching my IT band and cursing the injury gods and shaking my little indignant fist in rage.  You do the math.  So this is going on the "things to do while I'm 30" list instead, and I'm hoping for the best.

6. Travel was another suggestion.  This one is interesting.  I've done a lot of traveling in my life, but the awesome thing about traveling is that I'm never done.  However, I never had a honeymoon, and when I finish graduate school next summer, I have 2 weeks in Hawaii planned, and I have school every minute of every day until that point.  I've taken some small vacations over the last few years (ABQ. Vegas. NY. San Fran. Atlanta.) but it's been a really long time since I've gone somewhere and shut off, and I can't wait.  If I went anywhere right now I'd have one hand tapping emails and the other cramming global econ into my brain, so it's just about not worth it to spend the money.

7. Right before I got married (pre-marital crisis, anyone?), I traded in my cute little coupe for a sporty sexmobile.  It's been totally worth the giant payments and I am about 70% of the way to having it paid off.  Everyone needs to own a convertible at some point.

8. I have a job I love.  I work with some crazy-brilliant lawyers who are changing the way law is practiced, and I do it from home.  

9. When I was 25, I quit teaching and moved to Boston to pursue a career as a professional horn player.  As it happens, I am not, but it's one of those things I would have regretted not doing.  And I don't regret doing it, not one bit.

10. I've danced on the bar.  I've also fallen off dancing on the bar.

11. I've eaten the worm.

12. I've been white-water rafting.  I've written poetry.  I've climbed Mt. Washington.  I've been scuba diving.  I've been in Quebec for the winter festival and skiied at Lake Tahoe.  I've held a sting-ray (I know I have a pic of this one somewhere).  I've learned how to salsa.  I've sung my little drunk heart out at karaoke.  I have pierced many things.  I've been roller-blading.  I've picked up and moved hundreds of miles away without knowing a soul.  I've gone rock-climbing, and learned a new sport at a cranky old age (swimming counts here), and gone down all of the double-black-diamond runs, singing to myself inside my goggles so I forget to be scared.

I have a lot of things in my life to be thankful for...I have a home to live in, people who love me, and I've had the chance to do great things.  I know that I have been fortunate and I am thankful.  I don't feel like there are things missing from my life - that isn't why I am making the list.  I am making the list because I want to challenge myself to move out of my comfort zones and reach for something different.

So let's try again.  Anything involving being completely ridiculous has probably already been done, but try me.  Anything involving extensively traveling is getting saved for the "40" list due to school and cold hard cash.  And if anyone says, "go dancing in the rain," you're getting punched in the face.

P.S. If you know of other ridiculous/embarrassing/dangerous things I've done, please add them in the comments because I have a short memory of being an idiot.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a great summer weekend!

I love the summer.  I just adore it.  I like being outside, I like having the windows open, I like wearing flip-flops.  

On Friday, I got in a legs (& abs!) workout and did a "random hill" workout on the spin bike at the gym.  I was sweating pretty hard and the resistance was rather low, but I still don't believe that I did 6.25 miles in 15 minutes.  Those spin bikes are fishy....  After that, I headed over to the pool with a swim buddy who is training for a tri and got in 1500 yards, including a 500 yard sprint ladder.  And by sprint, I of course mean "slightly faster than the rest."  My shoulder was a bit cranky while I was warming up, but once I got moving and settled in, it felt great.  I got out of the pool feeling like I could have done more, which is fantastical for this point in my recovery!!  I'm also really enjoying doubling up legs/bike/swim.  Ending with the swim is soothing.

Friday night we had some friends over for some grilling and some board games.  This is my amazing sculpturade of buddha: 

I'm an amazing artist, right?  Also please notice I'm serving drinks in my snowman glasses.  Come to Katie's house, we live classy.

On Saturday morning I finally broke down and bought another pair of the Champion capris I love so much from Target.  I can only pretend to wash the one pair I have every day for so long.  After lunch, I headed into DC for a workout party hosted by Liz!  Check out her page for a funny video and a picture of sweaty girls.  It was a great sweaty uncoordinated dropping things time (for me), plus I got to meet lots of bloggers, including another email/blogger buddy Liz, PLUS I got to eat frozenyo.  I got mint chocolate frozen yo with tons of fresh raspberries and a gummy bear (you can kind of see him on the left).  It was deeeeeelicious.

I came home & took the pup for a walk, and added in some 30 second - 1 minute run spurts.  I'm hoping he'll end up being a running buddy, if I'm ever able to run again.  He was pretty tired after that, so we had to take a nap.  A delicious middle-of-a-rainy-day nap.  We went to Mike's that night for dinner, which is one of my A-number-one places to eat in DC.  The mixed greens salad with the goat cheese....oh man.  Be careful, though, the portions are gigunderous.

Sunday morning I got up early and went to the gym to lift, run, and bike.  Another 2 minute walk/5 minute run session on the treadmill (rage), almost 5 miles on the bike, and a tough arms workout, with some new ab exercises that I shamelessly stole from RW.  That's right, me and Josh Cox are going to be twinsies.  You just wait.  

I furminated the puppy later in the day, and yes, everyone has already told me about the oil spill dog hair thing.
We could basically make a new puppy out of that, we just need the tail and the bark.

Sunday afternoon was BBQ time!  Two of my college friends live in the DC area and they came over for super BBQing.
I made....
grilled pineapple
grilled peppers
asparagus with whole almonds (didn't want to chop those buggers)

..and then the usual beer brats & various burgers on the grill.  Also, one friend brought pasta salad, which was tasty, and the other friend brought peanut butter pie, which was a brilliant triumph of yum.

Finished off my weekend by studying for econ while the boys watched the "Lost" finale.  I'm not a "Lost" person, but I've been enjoying watching the internet explode this morning as everyone has "one more question" they demand to be answered.

Tomorrow: things before 30 discussion.

Friday, May 21, 2010

more random friday facts

1. I went out on Wednesday night and tried Corona Light (it was on special, cut me a break) - the verdict?  Not worth it.  Basically lime-flavored soupy bubble water.

2. Grey's Anatomy finale last night?  OMG.  I spent most of it saying, "NO," hiding behind a pillow, and texting people about how I couldn't deal.  

3. MY CROTCH HURTS.  Bike people, does this ever stop?

4. Ran yesterday, it sucked, IT hurts, blah blah blah.  Appointment with ortho in 2 weeks.  Don't really want to talk about what's about to happen to my summer.

5. My ST30 challenge is whomping ass!  I think there are abs hiding in there!

6. I am one really disgustingly hard final away from being done with this insane double-load semester.  CAN'T WAIT.  My summer will be back to just a full load, and that's exciting.

7. I'm planning on getting back in the pool this afternoon, if I can fit it into my schedule. 

8. The changing-my-food-habits is going well.  I ate a new color of pepper this week (orange) and it was delicious!  Peppers might be my new boyfriend.

9. I might have doubled the amount of showers I took this week, and I got dressed, blow-dried my hair, and put make-up on once!  Wowza!

10. I'm looking forward to a full weekend of hosting poker night, a workout party, and BBQ with some great friends on Sunday.  I love summer!

11. OOPS - adding a late update.  I'm thinking of putting together a things-to-do-before-I-turn-30 (October).  Suggestions???

Thursday, May 20, 2010

three things thursday

How is it Thursday already?  Zoinks!

1. I went to my first spinning class in a long time yesterday.  I know 9 squabillion people have said this, but, serious ouch to my crotch!!  I was prepared, though, and had already laid out the tweezers and a search-light so I could remove my underwear when I got home.  Whew.  Also, I think in being worried about over-doing it, I under-did it, as I didn't feel that tired by the end of the class, and my sweat puddle was embarrassingly small.  I'm going to try another one next week, once I finish picking pieces of my capris outta my crack.  

2. I think some of my aimlessness (update: I'm feeling aimless) is due to the fact that I'm not training for anything right now except "get stronger."  Bah.  And I can't sign up for anything, because I have no idea what my IT band is going to do at any given moment.  It's kind of the same feeling after running a big race - now what?  But I can't solve it by looking forward to another race, because I've had to drop out of the last 400 races I've signed up for this spring, so instead I'm just spinning in limbo land.  I'd like to be getting ready for something, but unless I can find the International 2 Minutes Walking 4 Minutes Running Championship Race, there's nothing that I want to spend money on and then DNS.  I'm trying to defray this feeling with spinning/lifting/swimming, but it just isn't working.  I want a spreadsheet.  I want to puke after speedwork.  I want a training schedule.  I WANT A LONG RUN AND TO SCREAM IN AN ICE BATH, DAMMIT.

3. My shoulder is healing well, although I still can't put enough weight on it to do a pushup or a plank for longer than 30 seconds.  I think I'm going to start doing some wall pushups and similar baby upper body things, to start working it back.  I miss my back muscles.  I'm sad and lonely without them.  I stare longingly at the cable machines.  Soon, back muscles, soon.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

rain, rain, go away

I am so tired of the rain, D.C.!!!  It's spring!  Where's my sunshine?

I am so tired of my classes this semester.  If I wasn't freakin' terrified of the econ final, I would just want them all to be OVER. Right now.  End.  Be done.  Go away, classes.

I am so tired of the gym.  It was AWESOME to get in the pool, just to have a different place to workout.  Yesterday I felt kind of blah all day, and had to force myself out the door to the gym.  Of course, once I got on a treadmill, I perked up.  Did 2 mins walk/6 minutes run x4 with a tiny bit of speed work at the end.  I hate that 3ish walk/run miles seems to be my limit right now, but I'm trying to take the "it's better than nothing" approach.

Total: 3.35/35:00/avg. pace 10:26

I've also been totally kicking butt at Heather's ST30 challenge, I must say.  I've already been doing a decent amount of strength-training, so my version of this challenge is to do some ab-directed-work every day (i.e. crunches, BLECH) along with my core/hip/ITB work.  So far, so good!  Yesterday I did 100 crunches and didn't want to completely die when it was over.  I think there are abs hiding underneath all those years of bread and cheese.  

This week's mini-goal: 11 miles on a spin bike, same resistance that I did 10 at last week.  After that 10, I wanted to keel over and puke up everything I'd ever eaten, so 11 is my new challenge.  It's the little things.

Is it really only Tuesday?

Monday, May 17, 2010

a very exciting weekend!

First of all, there's an opening to live in Katie's House of Awesome, if anyone just got kicked out by their pimp.  I spent some of Saturday afternoon showing the room to a bunch of socially awkward people I found on craigslist.  In the middle of that, I managed to get out for a ride with my good buddy Todd.  It was my first ride since last summer, so I only stalled out 12 times and left my blinker on for 2 miles once.  
It's hard to smile with a helmet on.

I also managed to make it to the gym, but after a super-intense workout week, just did a few preventative ITB things, some abs, and then hopped on the TM.  2 minutes walk, 5 minutes run x 4.  I'm getting tired of this walk/run thing, but it seems to be doing the trick, so I'll take it.  I was also pretty sore from a session with a new sports massage guy on Friday night, and didn't want to aggravate any crankypants muscles.

Total: 2.85/30:00/avg. pace 10:31.

When the poet got home from work, we went to Lowe's (on a Saturday!  in the afternoon!  oh hell!) and bought the fancy new grill and a lawnmower.  The boys set to work putting it together (WE MEN.  WE MAKE GRILL.) and I went to the grocery store for our first grilled meal!  I made steaks with horseradish cream sauce, asparagus with chopped almonds, and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes.  Yum!
I love asparagus!
Delicious smashed potatoes!
Ready for dinner!

It was a great way to break in our grill and spend some time with friends.  Also, please notice the presence of VEGGIES!!

Sunday morning I got up early and went to the gym.  Taking it easy on Saturday seemed to do the trick, as I had much more energy on Sunday.  I did the leg/ab workout I skipped on Saturday, then hopped on the bike.  I wanted to get in some cardio just in case swimming was a huge failure.  20 minutes, 5.35 miles, and off I went...

I stopped at the bike shop on the way to the pool - whew! are bikes expensive!!!  I did talk to a very nice salesguy who explained everything I would likely need and how much it would all cost, just to get an idea in my head (wallet).  He warned me about buying a $200 bike and then replacing it in a year - but I think, for my budget and skill level, that might be exactly what I do.  Or maybe even just stick to spinning class for a while.  $2000 all told is quite a bit out of my price range - especially when I'm used to $100 running shoes and out the door....or a $40 swimsuit and out the door.  But it was nice to learn about all the fancy bike stuff (I'm a 54!) and will make whatever I choose to do easier, I am sure.

I headed to the pool from there, getting there just after they opened, which was nice - it wasn't Screaming Naked Child Hour until much later in the day.  My body was actually really happy to be back in the water, which surprised me - I've generally hated swimming, as I prefer to sweat and snot and spit my way through a run.  I did 300 slooooow yards to start off - my shoulder didn't hurt, but there were some twinges as I pulled through.  I've been doing tons of PT on the shoulder, but there are a few muscle areas that are still weak little ducklings.  I switched to 300 yards of kicking, and finished up my laps with another slow 400 yards.  I also swam in my favorite place, the slow lane.  That's right, I'm SLOW.  Go around, pleases!  All in all, a success.  My shoulder felt pretty sore and used the rest of the day, but this morning feels fine.  After laps, I aqua-jogged 100 yards, no floatation belt.  I really like aqua-jogging, especially the part where all the ripped speedo-guys stare at me like I'm insane, but the small of my back hurt a bit after this - I think it was the lack of a belt.  I'm going to try and add swimming in 2x a week, aiming for the same day as lifting legs - the cool water felt great on my tired muscles.  And all of this cross-training has got to be good for something, right???

Last night's grill activity was brats - yum!  But what to go with brats?  Well, how about red and green peppers?
I love the colors!  

I sauteed the peppers with some onions and made a salad to go with the brats - cooked on the grill, and then dropped in boiling beer for 5 minutes - my favorite way to make brats.  The red peppers were particularly delicious & I'm so happy to have a grill again.  Send me your favorite grill recipes - I think tonight is going to be pork chops and grilled pineapple.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It's a lazy rainy morning here in puppyville.

Friday, May 14, 2010

random friday facts

Random Friday facts:

1. I have an embarrassing collection of trendy pop that I run/exercise to, and right now I can't get enough of Ke$ha "Take It Off."  I know.  I can barely look myself in the mirror.  Don't judge.  A close second?  Katy Perry's new single, "California Gurls." I'm a sad state of affairs.

2. I am going to try and swim on Sunday.  Yay for the return of Nike bathing suit camel toe, getting mad about water in my ears, and charley horses!  Whoop whoop!  Maybe I can get rescued by an almost-naked speedo man again (see: massive cramp during first time in pool since childhood stint on swim team.  May or may not have followed 5-hour dancing stint in high heels on tables at 18th & Red).

3. Did a little running yesterday, a little spin-biking today.  Also, riding the big girl bike hurts my big girl tailbone.  My workouts have either been more intense this week or I'm still dragging ass from all the vitamins and library visits last weekend.  Could be either, it's a mystery.

4. Looked in the laundry basket this week and realized that all I've worn this week have been either workout clothes or pajamas.  +1 to working from home, but maybe I should put on some pants and hit the real world this weekend.

5. I'm all link-happy today.  Shut up.

6. Speaking of working from home, let's not talk about a) the last time I showered and b) how many times I've been to the gym since then.  Hey, I'm saving water.  And I put on clean underpants every day.

7. I do strength-training 6 days out of 7, but I've finally added in ab work, thanks to Heather and her MEAN MEAN STn30.  3 days of crunches, a few extra planks...maybe that's why I'm more tired than usual.  *shakes fist at lazy mushy abs*

8. According to the Wii Fit (the be-all end-all of doctors), I am no longer "over-weight."  I am "normal."  Yeah, I don't want to touch that one either.

9. Somehow through my clicking yesterday, I ended up watching the preview for Earthlings.  DO NOT CLICK ON THAT.  It's a documentary about the treatment of animals for many things, including food.  After watching the preview, I sat down and hugged G for about 25 minutes.  It also made me think, for the first time in my life, about maybe cutting meat out of my diet.  Right now I would guess that I eat meat 3-5 times a week, and I would guess almost all of that is chicken.  Sometimes shrimp, and very occasionally red meat.  I've been trying to get more protein in my diet, and I know I need to just break down and try the tofu thing, but I'm a fussy eater and it's HARD to try new things.  There, I said it.  I'M LAZY.  But the video did make me think more carefully about where my meat comes from, and I started looking around for places where I can find meat that has been treated humanely.  I'd love suggestions on this in the northern-VA area, actually.

10. The poet has now done my leg workout with me once and my arm/ab workout with me once.  Woohahahahahaa!  I wonder if I've been working harder when I work out with him, just so he can feel like more of a pussy, and that's why I'm tired? Food for thought.

11. I'm feeling a lot calmer about the whole IT band thing, but don't want to bore everyone with my whining (today) when we've been having SUCH a good time.

12. Exciting plans for this weekend: buy a grill.  A big fancy one!  And maybe a lawnmower, and get fitted for a bike.  

13. I can't stop eating Luna bars.  First it was Lemon Crisp.  Then it was Raspberry Chocolate, but I only bought one of those, so I forgot and started gorging myself on Chocolate Peppermint, but then at Harris Teeter the other night they HAD Raspberry Chocolate, so I bought (cough) 8 bars, and I can't stop!!  I know there are worse things to be addicted to that I've cut out of my life (Cool Ranch Doritoes.  Qdoba taco salad with the crispy bowl.  Most of the ranch dressing.  Heroi....ahem) but I can't imagine it's good to be eating this, whatever is in Luna bars.  

14. I have huge quads.  Jeebus.  How'd that happen?

15. The fruit/veggie thing has been going fairly well, but I'm generally eating lots of fruit and not enough veggies.  Need to work on this.

16. I also read something about sodium yesterday (hey, work was slow), and started looking at the sodium level on the boxes of food, and good grief.  It's just like when someone told me about the corn syrup thing and I realized that everything delicious had tons of it.  

17. Morning puppy snuggles.  I'd been awake for 3 minutes, ignore the hair/sleepy face.

18. Ummm....I think I'm out of randomness.  Have a great weekend, everyone!