two complete days off

I took two days completely off this weekend.  I didn't even do my theraband exercises, and I only foam-rolled once.  My gym workouts have been feeling pretty stale, and it was awesome (but rough) to get out on a track on Thursday.  Looking back at the past 2 months, I haven't had a day of complete rest in over 3 weeks, so I took 2.  And there was a BBQ on Saturday, and it was a long awesome party, and I basically ate.everything.on.the.table. Over and over.  Not so good.  And yesterday we flew home and by the time we picked up the pup and cleaned and did laundry and unpacked and opened all the windows to air out the house it was late.  Too late to go to the gym, and our cabinets were empty.  So I finished off the weekend with part of a frozen pizza and some mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Mmmm.

It does mean that I'm actually looking forward to getting back in the gym today, if only to try and repair the damage I did over the weekend.  But I'm actually looking forward to sweating and lifting again.  I've also been thinking more and more seriously about buying that bike, if only so I have a way of sweating outside.  All this treadmill running is boring me to pieces, and while I think it's good for right now, I'd love to be back out in the muggy sunshine.  Tomorrow is my next follow-up with my ortho, so I'm definitely going to run today, to try and get a final check on how the IT band is.  

And finally....we, of course, missed the puppy like crazy.  But not as much as he missed us.  He's been sticking to me like puppy glue since we picked him up last night.

He pushed my laptop out of the way.  This is my lap!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope everyone racing this weekend had wonderful races!  Tomorrow, my awesome trip to ABQ...


  1. It's always good to take a REAL rest day - it rejuvinates us for what is ahead :)
    Love the puppy pick - but wait till he gets older! Now our Lilly gives us the cold shoulder when we get home! Ha!

  2. Glad you had a nice little rest. We all need those from time to time.

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