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The general consensus about my list is that it should contain skydiving.  Also, maybe I should go skydiving.  "GO SKYDIVING DOOOODE IT'S AWESOSOOOOMEMEE,"....etc, are the comments I got from my post requesting ideas.  

So maybe it would be more appropriate to make a list of the dangerous/ridiculous/embarrassing things I've done, and then we can pick up from there.  Yeah?  Yeah, sounds like a good Tuesday chuckle.

1.  I have been skydiving.  Many times.  When I lived in Indiana, I had a friend who was certified who convinced me to go, and I was hooked.  I spent one of my Indiana summers (1999?) trying to get in enough dives for a cert, rolling my own parachute, etc.  If I can find some pictures of me doing this with crazy 18-year-old hair, I'll put em up here.  So, if it will make you crazy people happy, I'll go again, but, been there, done that.

2. I have a tattoo.  It's one of the best things I've ever done, and I love it, and I'm not scared of getting another (okay, maybe a little), but I want the one I have to be meaningful, and for me, for now, that means being the only one.

3. Someone said something about falling madly in love.  I've been married, which I know (I KNOW) is not the same thing, but I've also had a few loves here or there.  I've had the roller coaster, and I've had (have) the sweet peace of moving side-by-side through the universe with someone who is both a lover and a friend.

4. I've had a bikini wax, although not the scary naked way, but for me....well...I'm good.

5. Someone else talked about running a marathon before I'm 30.  I WOULD FREAKIN LOVE TO OK THANKS.  But.  My birthday is October 8.  I can currently run 6 minutes without falling to the ground screaming and clutching my IT band and cursing the injury gods and shaking my little indignant fist in rage.  You do the math.  So this is going on the "things to do while I'm 30" list instead, and I'm hoping for the best.

6. Travel was another suggestion.  This one is interesting.  I've done a lot of traveling in my life, but the awesome thing about traveling is that I'm never done.  However, I never had a honeymoon, and when I finish graduate school next summer, I have 2 weeks in Hawaii planned, and I have school every minute of every day until that point.  I've taken some small vacations over the last few years (ABQ. Vegas. NY. San Fran. Atlanta.) but it's been a really long time since I've gone somewhere and shut off, and I can't wait.  If I went anywhere right now I'd have one hand tapping emails and the other cramming global econ into my brain, so it's just about not worth it to spend the money.

7. Right before I got married (pre-marital crisis, anyone?), I traded in my cute little coupe for a sporty sexmobile.  It's been totally worth the giant payments and I am about 70% of the way to having it paid off.  Everyone needs to own a convertible at some point.

8. I have a job I love.  I work with some crazy-brilliant lawyers who are changing the way law is practiced, and I do it from home.  

9. When I was 25, I quit teaching and moved to Boston to pursue a career as a professional horn player.  As it happens, I am not, but it's one of those things I would have regretted not doing.  And I don't regret doing it, not one bit.

10. I've danced on the bar.  I've also fallen off dancing on the bar.

11. I've eaten the worm.

12. I've been white-water rafting.  I've written poetry.  I've climbed Mt. Washington.  I've been scuba diving.  I've been in Quebec for the winter festival and skiied at Lake Tahoe.  I've held a sting-ray (I know I have a pic of this one somewhere).  I've learned how to salsa.  I've sung my little drunk heart out at karaoke.  I have pierced many things.  I've been roller-blading.  I've picked up and moved hundreds of miles away without knowing a soul.  I've gone rock-climbing, and learned a new sport at a cranky old age (swimming counts here), and gone down all of the double-black-diamond runs, singing to myself inside my goggles so I forget to be scared.

I have a lot of things in my life to be thankful for...I have a home to live in, people who love me, and I've had the chance to do great things.  I know that I have been fortunate and I am thankful.  I don't feel like there are things missing from my life - that isn't why I am making the list.  I am making the list because I want to challenge myself to move out of my comfort zones and reach for something different.

So let's try again.  Anything involving being completely ridiculous has probably already been done, but try me.  Anything involving extensively traveling is getting saved for the "40" list due to school and cold hard cash.  And if anyone says, "go dancing in the rain," you're getting punched in the face.

P.S. If you know of other ridiculous/embarrassing/dangerous things I've done, please add them in the comments because I have a short memory of being an idiot.


  1. 1.) I love this list.

    2.) put a Tri on your list for "while you're 30"

    3.) Bungee Jumping?

    4.) hot air balloon ride (these are awesome)

    5.) I'm out of ideas, but incredibly inspired.

  2. learn a new language

    catch up on some great reads (classics and then some newer stuff)

    rock climbing (might be great for your IT band, there is a Sportrock near Van Dorn St metro)

    You sure haven't wasted your time thus far!

  3. Thanks Katie, this made me laugh out loud. At work, yikes, quiet! ;)

  4. The goal of getting out of comfort zone is a great one - but I wonder if goals get in the way of reaching that goal! I find that what's taken me out of my comfort zone are not from "I'll do *this*" (hm, probably not stretching too far), but the things that have not been planned (um, like getting divorced at age 24...)

    You don't exactly seem to be sitting around waiting for things to happen to you, so maybe the list will make itself if you keep enjoying each amazing day as you already seem to do.

    And here's another thing - after coming across your blog a week or so ago, I've been incredibly inspired by your honesty and zest for life. I'm guessing that "make an impact on people I've never met" wouldn't have made your list but there it is...

  5. I still say we need to go to Perry's Brunch/Drag Show. It's one of the few things you haven't done (and could accomplish both physically and financially before 30.)

    High Tea at the Ritz Carlton.

    Or don't put those two on your list and just come with me because *I* want to do them.

    How about these:

    Organize a major fundraiser for a cause about which you are passionate.

    Read the complete works of Shakespeare.

    Tour the White House.

    Take 100 mile bike ride (once you've bought a bike, that is).

    Will post again if I think of anything else :)

  6. haha girl you have been around the block and back! ummmm I will have to try and think up some stuff!

  7. Ha! "go dance in the rain". wait, what? no, I don't want a roundhouse kick to the face.

    Hm....I second the 100-mile bike ride! Mostly because I want to do it too and then I won't be solo because I know, despite what he says, D will leave me in the dust (and then loop back around when he's done and be all "c'moooon").

  8. No suggestions as I'm not a "bucket list" or "before I'm x" kind of girl, but I have to say you've done some pretty darn cool things.

  9. I have an idea! But, it kinda happens the day after your birthday, so I'm not sure if it counts....

  10. I like the idea of listing all the cool stuff you HAVE done, 30-bucket-list pressure or not. I also agree that it's helpful to list things you'd like to do once you're 30. I saw my birthday as a starting point for living the life I want to live. I'm only five days in, but it's worked out well so far!

  11. You never cease to amaze me! That list of stuff was just great, and I thought I've done some fun stuff, but take the cake for trying it all!
    I can't think of anything at the moment, but peeps above have some good suggestions - I like the fundraiser thing!
    My hubbs and I are at a point where we want a change but we don't know what yet. We want to move, but the scary thought of moving from fam and friends is holding us back. Maybe I will keep you in the back of my mind as we continue to weight things :)

  12. Oh, and I totally agree on the sporty/sexy convertible car thing - my hubbs bought me one when I finished grad school, too! Expensive payments, but soooooo worth it!

  13. So I was talking to my parents last night... and my mom said something along the lines of: "Your grandma finished making your heirloom quilt... it's a wedding present but she told me to give it to you when you hit 30."


  14. You have done lots of interesting things before musigs. I also want to do skydiving and draw tatoo on my back. I have a fear for doing this type of adventuring things. I salute to you.. I think you enjoy very much by doing this 30 items.


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