three things thursday

How is it Thursday already?  Zoinks!

1. I went to my first spinning class in a long time yesterday.  I know 9 squabillion people have said this, but, serious ouch to my crotch!!  I was prepared, though, and had already laid out the tweezers and a search-light so I could remove my underwear when I got home.  Whew.  Also, I think in being worried about over-doing it, I under-did it, as I didn't feel that tired by the end of the class, and my sweat puddle was embarrassingly small.  I'm going to try another one next week, once I finish picking pieces of my capris outta my crack.  

2. I think some of my aimlessness (update: I'm feeling aimless) is due to the fact that I'm not training for anything right now except "get stronger."  Bah.  And I can't sign up for anything, because I have no idea what my IT band is going to do at any given moment.  It's kind of the same feeling after running a big race - now what?  But I can't solve it by looking forward to another race, because I've had to drop out of the last 400 races I've signed up for this spring, so instead I'm just spinning in limbo land.  I'd like to be getting ready for something, but unless I can find the International 2 Minutes Walking 4 Minutes Running Championship Race, there's nothing that I want to spend money on and then DNS.  I'm trying to defray this feeling with spinning/lifting/swimming, but it just isn't working.  I want a spreadsheet.  I want to puke after speedwork.  I want a training schedule.  I WANT A LONG RUN AND TO SCREAM IN AN ICE BATH, DAMMIT.

3. My shoulder is healing well, although I still can't put enough weight on it to do a pushup or a plank for longer than 30 seconds.  I think I'm going to start doing some wall pushups and similar baby upper body things, to start working it back.  I miss my back muscles.  I'm sad and lonely without them.  I stare longingly at the cable machines.  Soon, back muscles, soon.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I went to a spin class last night, too! Ouchie to my left knee (a few tweaks thanks to the half this weekend)... but you get used to the ouchie crotch pretty quickly. Haha.
    Oh, and my triceps were BURNING all yesterday and again this morning. Just from trying to "get stronger" and using 12 pound weights with the trainer. Gah!

  2. Solution to underwear problem--go commando in cycling shorts.

    Sorry you are on the sidelines...such a painful place to be. Happy healing!

  3. Training plan guidance really is missed when it's not around - then, when it IS there, I always think "F this! I want to do my OWN run!". Gah.

    Glad the shoulder is feeling better! Small victories :)

  4. I hate spin classes - I always feel like such a looser! Glad you were able to do it!
    Maybe you could keep your eye on some local 5/10K's and if you're feeling it on race day, go and try to sign up, they often have race day sign ups :)

  5. Whoo hoo!!!!!!! No word varification!!!!
    Now, can I intrest you in some penial enlargement products?

  6. Hope you heal soon! that it band has really been a thorn in your side.

  7. hope everything heals up soon!

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon! Hang in there.


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