a very exciting weekend!

First of all, there's an opening to live in Katie's House of Awesome, if anyone just got kicked out by their pimp.  I spent some of Saturday afternoon showing the room to a bunch of socially awkward people I found on craigslist.  In the middle of that, I managed to get out for a ride with my good buddy Todd.  It was my first ride since last summer, so I only stalled out 12 times and left my blinker on for 2 miles once.  
It's hard to smile with a helmet on.

I also managed to make it to the gym, but after a super-intense workout week, just did a few preventative ITB things, some abs, and then hopped on the TM.  2 minutes walk, 5 minutes run x 4.  I'm getting tired of this walk/run thing, but it seems to be doing the trick, so I'll take it.  I was also pretty sore from a session with a new sports massage guy on Friday night, and didn't want to aggravate any crankypants muscles.

Total: 2.85/30:00/avg. pace 10:31.

When the poet got home from work, we went to Lowe's (on a Saturday!  in the afternoon!  oh hell!) and bought the fancy new grill and a lawnmower.  The boys set to work putting it together (WE MEN.  WE MAKE GRILL.) and I went to the grocery store for our first grilled meal!  I made steaks with horseradish cream sauce, asparagus with chopped almonds, and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes.  Yum!
I love asparagus!
Delicious smashed potatoes!
Ready for dinner!

It was a great way to break in our grill and spend some time with friends.  Also, please notice the presence of VEGGIES!!

Sunday morning I got up early and went to the gym.  Taking it easy on Saturday seemed to do the trick, as I had much more energy on Sunday.  I did the leg/ab workout I skipped on Saturday, then hopped on the bike.  I wanted to get in some cardio just in case swimming was a huge failure.  20 minutes, 5.35 miles, and off I went...

I stopped at the bike shop on the way to the pool - whew! are bikes expensive!!!  I did talk to a very nice salesguy who explained everything I would likely need and how much it would all cost, just to get an idea in my head (wallet).  He warned me about buying a $200 bike and then replacing it in a year - but I think, for my budget and skill level, that might be exactly what I do.  Or maybe even just stick to spinning class for a while.  $2000 all told is quite a bit out of my price range - especially when I'm used to $100 running shoes and out the door....or a $40 swimsuit and out the door.  But it was nice to learn about all the fancy bike stuff (I'm a 54!) and will make whatever I choose to do easier, I am sure.

I headed to the pool from there, getting there just after they opened, which was nice - it wasn't Screaming Naked Child Hour until much later in the day.  My body was actually really happy to be back in the water, which surprised me - I've generally hated swimming, as I prefer to sweat and snot and spit my way through a run.  I did 300 slooooow yards to start off - my shoulder didn't hurt, but there were some twinges as I pulled through.  I've been doing tons of PT on the shoulder, but there are a few muscle areas that are still weak little ducklings.  I switched to 300 yards of kicking, and finished up my laps with another slow 400 yards.  I also swam in my favorite place, the slow lane.  That's right, I'm SLOW.  Go around, pleases!  All in all, a success.  My shoulder felt pretty sore and used the rest of the day, but this morning feels fine.  After laps, I aqua-jogged 100 yards, no floatation belt.  I really like aqua-jogging, especially the part where all the ripped speedo-guys stare at me like I'm insane, but the small of my back hurt a bit after this - I think it was the lack of a belt.  I'm going to try and add swimming in 2x a week, aiming for the same day as lifting legs - the cool water felt great on my tired muscles.  And all of this cross-training has got to be good for something, right???

Last night's grill activity was brats - yum!  But what to go with brats?  Well, how about red and green peppers?
I love the colors!  

I sauteed the peppers with some onions and made a salad to go with the brats - cooked on the grill, and then dropped in boiling beer for 5 minutes - my favorite way to make brats.  The red peppers were particularly delicious & I'm so happy to have a grill again.  Send me your favorite grill recipes - I think tonight is going to be pork chops and grilled pineapple.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It's a lazy rainy morning here in puppyville.