rain, rain, go away

I am so tired of the rain, D.C.!!!  It's spring!  Where's my sunshine?

I am so tired of my classes this semester.  If I wasn't freakin' terrified of the econ final, I would just want them all to be OVER. Right now.  End.  Be done.  Go away, classes.

I am so tired of the gym.  It was AWESOME to get in the pool, just to have a different place to workout.  Yesterday I felt kind of blah all day, and had to force myself out the door to the gym.  Of course, once I got on a treadmill, I perked up.  Did 2 mins walk/6 minutes run x4 with a tiny bit of speed work at the end.  I hate that 3ish walk/run miles seems to be my limit right now, but I'm trying to take the "it's better than nothing" approach.

Total: 3.35/35:00/avg. pace 10:26

I've also been totally kicking butt at Heather's ST30 challenge, I must say.  I've already been doing a decent amount of strength-training, so my version of this challenge is to do some ab-directed-work every day (i.e. crunches, BLECH) along with my core/hip/ITB work.  So far, so good!  Yesterday I did 100 crunches and didn't want to completely die when it was over.  I think there are abs hiding underneath all those years of bread and cheese.  

This week's mini-goal: 11 miles on a spin bike, same resistance that I did 10 at last week.  After that 10, I wanted to keel over and puke up everything I'd ever eaten, so 11 is my new challenge.  It's the little things.

Is it really only Tuesday?