rain, rain, go away

I am so tired of the rain, D.C.!!!  It's spring!  Where's my sunshine?

I am so tired of my classes this semester.  If I wasn't freakin' terrified of the econ final, I would just want them all to be OVER. Right now.  End.  Be done.  Go away, classes.

I am so tired of the gym.  It was AWESOME to get in the pool, just to have a different place to workout.  Yesterday I felt kind of blah all day, and had to force myself out the door to the gym.  Of course, once I got on a treadmill, I perked up.  Did 2 mins walk/6 minutes run x4 with a tiny bit of speed work at the end.  I hate that 3ish walk/run miles seems to be my limit right now, but I'm trying to take the "it's better than nothing" approach.

Total: 3.35/35:00/avg. pace 10:26

I've also been totally kicking butt at Heather's ST30 challenge, I must say.  I've already been doing a decent amount of strength-training, so my version of this challenge is to do some ab-directed-work every day (i.e. crunches, BLECH) along with my core/hip/ITB work.  So far, so good!  Yesterday I did 100 crunches and didn't want to completely die when it was over.  I think there are abs hiding underneath all those years of bread and cheese.  

This week's mini-goal: 11 miles on a spin bike, same resistance that I did 10 at last week.  After that 10, I wanted to keel over and puke up everything I'd ever eaten, so 11 is my new challenge.  It's the little things.

Is it really only Tuesday?


  1. Just getting caught up with you! Love the BBQing (we call it BBQ in California, not grilling!) And as much fun as it would be to come and shack up with you and the Poet, I think my hubbs might miss me :)
    Want me to take your Econ final for you? I majored in it in college, you can thank me later :)
    And...I'm sick of the rain, too! I live in California damn it!

  2. school is almost out! Don't stress to much you will want Bread and Cheese :)

  3. I feel ya on the core/weight work. I'm opposite—just getting back into real weight-lifting post-surgery after months of only core stuff—and am so sore right now, I've been taking Tylenol pre-run! What doesn't kill me ...

  4. Yes, keep kickin' butt! Love it :) also, get rid of the rain while you're at it? Mmmk thanks.

    alternative to crunches (and much more effective, IMO) - Planks! 30 sec on/off. And, GO


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