three things thursday

1. The email reply to comments disaster.  Okay, so.  All you lovely folks are kind enough to comment on my blog, and I WANT to reply to all of you.  No, really, I do!  But when I hit reply in gmail to sparkle you back, I get a "no-reply@blogger" disaster.  NO!  I've spent some time googling this and here's what I've found:

a. There is no way to fix it.
b. Everyone is REALLY REALLY MAD about it.
c. But WORDPRESS can do it!
d. There is no way to fix it.

HOWEVER (she says..)
If you do step number one that I found here to edit or create a profile, when I click on your name, it will take me to your profile page and THEN (and only then), I can reply to your email with some private wit just for you!  A lot of work just so I can send you an email, I know, but I can't find a better way and c'mon now, you want it.  Plus I feel SUPER BAD when someone leaves me a nice comment and gets.....*crickets.*  Blogspot people, if you know of some magic that the internet does not, please bestow on me.

2. I AM CONFUSED (who's surprised?  shut up, you, put your hand down).  I've been all "wah wah wah IT band wah wah" and on Tuesday at the gym, ran 2 (slow) (no really, I mean it, slow) mile repeats w/2 minutes rest before, middle, and after.  No pain.  WHAT!  

3. The pool at my gym is made of salt.  Yes, I usually leave the gym and go to a different pool because a) I have no idea why.  So yesterday because of a time crunch I swam at my gym and ICK BLECH WHAT IS THAT?  I vaguely remember the welcome-to-the-gym dude saying that when we signed up but yarrrgh.  No good.  Now I know how the girl with the blue umbrella feels.  So I think I'll go back to swimming at W-L and so much for loving my gym because it has a pool.  Le sigh.

Happy Thursday!  The pup and I are hitting the road this afternoon, scooting up to PA so he can get spoiled by my folks.