i like random friday facts

Let's do it again, shall we?

1. I have a freckle in-between two toes.  Weird, right?  It just showed up a year or so ago.  

2. I was in the marching band in high school (was the drum major, capital N for Nerd), college, and then taught high school band for 4 years, including marching band.  I think being in the marching band is one of the nerdiest and best things you can do.  The companionship and pack mentality is probably similar to football teams and sororities (I have experience with neither).

3. Herr's Sour Cream & Onion potato chips are my favorite thing on the planet.  Thankfully, they aren't sold in DC, so I have to nom on them when I come home.  This is how weird I am - there are "good" bags and "bad" bags, and as soon as I open a bag, I can tell which it is going to be based on the smell.  I like to lay in bed and read a book and nosh.  It's my happy place.

4. I love working from home, but I think if I didn't have G (and you guys), I'd be incredibly lonely.  I talk to him all day and he follows me up and down the stairs as I eat lunch, get the mail, refill my water bottle, etc.

5. I'm an ENTJ.  Every time I take the test, I'm about 99% on the E and T scale.  When I read the description, I find it hilarious.  "You deal with things rationally and logically."  Yep.  Don't come mess up my backyard with your "emotion" and your "feelings."  Ick.  "There is not much room for error."  Yep.  "No patience with inefficiency."  Yep.  This is why my last job pissed me off so much.  

6. I'm also very obsessive-compulsive.  My house must.be.clean.  I can't stand things being crooked or out of place.  I haven't slept well because a picture in my dining room is leaning due to a nail falling out of the wall.  Painting trim with me was a TON of fun.

7. I have more road rage than most people who say they have a lot of road rage.  My best friend almost killed me once over it on a long road trip where I'd had no sleep the night before and we were stuck in traffic in NYC.  This has actually gotten a lot better since I quit my last job, mostly because I'd spend 9 hours at work filled with suppressed murderous rage, and then spend an hour driving home letting that rage flag fly.  10+ hours a day of rage is not good for the overall mental state.  I also commute from my bedroom to the basement, so traffic is generally a lot lighter.

8. I have lawn guys. I know this makes me sound like a horrendous snob and I don't care.  The $100 a month has been totally worth it to not have to mow, weed, spray, mulch, plant, etc.  The poet is starting to take over some of the yard-guy-duties, which I think is awesome, but I will never be a gardening kind of person.

The yard before awesome-yard-guy-magic 
(the house stood empty for two years before I moved in):

The yard after:
Totally worth it!

9. Contrary to that, I love cleaning.  I had a cleaning lady for a while (I was living with FOUR boys) and she was just not as good as doing it myself!!  It drove me crazy.  So I clean.  And I complain about the messy boys but I actually don't mind them that much as they are pretty clean.  Except when they leave crumbs on the counters.  ARRR.  When I am stressed out, I clean.  It just works.

10. (This is not random) I got up early yesterday morning and ran at the gym.  I made the mistake of picking a treadmill that was in direct sunlight, so I got greenhouse'd the entire time.  I was dripped with ooge and sweat when I got off, it was great.  I did 4 half-mile repeats w/2 minutes recovery in between.  The last two I was hauling ass (for me).

Total: 2.8/30:00/avg. pace 10:42

The pup and I drove up to PA yesterday, and we'll be here until Sunday.  (See?  I plan my weekend around not sitting in Memorial Day traffic)  I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!