three things thursday

1. Normally, work is relatively low-key, but I think somehow everyone has activated their Spidey sense and realized that I've been traveling, because every time I get off a plane my phone EXPLODES with messages about things that are broken.  Oy.

2. I think I'm going to try my first walk/run outside today, instead of on a treadmill.  Scary.  Hold me.

3. Of course, the puppy.  We were taking him over to our friend's house for his slumber party while we're in NM.

'sup ya'll.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Short and sweet, I like it!
    I wish you lived by me so the puppy could come to my house and play with my Lilly! So adorable - LOVE that pic! Have a great trip!

  2. Good luck with the run! Are you hitting up the desert streets in Abq?? ;) again - Jealous.

  3. amen! every time I travel for work people want something while I'm on a plane!

  4. Good luck with the run!

    Cute puppy!


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