ABQ trip

The poet and I went to ABQ for a long weekend to visit my girl.  A few things about ABQ (I will continue to say ABQ instead of google-ing how to spell Albuquerquequeque): it's really dry there.  My nose was unhappy.  Also, it's really windy, and I hate the wind because it blows my hair in my face!!  FACE!  But, it's really warm during the day and cool at night, and the sky is really blue, and I got to sunbathe and drink margaritas.  All good things.

The first night, we went to a brick over pizza place to support the NMSO, which my girl and her man are both in.  Nom nom nom.

I'm wearing my cinco de mayo shirt, but no makeup.  Awesome.

It was delicious!  We were pretty jeg-lagged (we actually never really got un-jet-lagged) that night so we just crashed.

The next day, we sunbathed for a bit, then went and got pedicures.  After toes, I spectated a tattoo event:

The following night we attended a AAA baseball game.  We had fantastic seats and it was a really great time (*cough* 3 beers *cough*).

Baseball girls!

Our final day there, a never-ending BBQ party went on.  I made taco amazing dip:
You can't see it, but there are 11 layers!

And we ate and drank until we passed out.  It was a fantastic trip!!!  

Tomorrow: Dr. P reports on IT band.