random friday facts

Random Friday facts:

1. I have an embarrassing collection of trendy pop that I run/exercise to, and right now I can't get enough of Ke$ha "Take It Off."  I know.  I can barely look myself in the mirror.  Don't judge.  A close second?  Katy Perry's new single, "California Gurls." I'm a sad state of affairs.

2. I am going to try and swim on Sunday.  Yay for the return of Nike bathing suit camel toe, getting mad about water in my ears, and charley horses!  Whoop whoop!  Maybe I can get rescued by an almost-naked speedo man again (see: massive cramp during first time in pool since childhood stint on swim team.  May or may not have followed 5-hour dancing stint in high heels on tables at 18th & Red).

3. Did a little running yesterday, a little spin-biking today.  Also, riding the big girl bike hurts my big girl tailbone.  My workouts have either been more intense this week or I'm still dragging ass from all the vitamins and library visits last weekend.  Could be either, it's a mystery.

4. Looked in the laundry basket this week and realized that all I've worn this week have been either workout clothes or pajamas.  +1 to working from home, but maybe I should put on some pants and hit the real world this weekend.

5. I'm all link-happy today.  Shut up.

6. Speaking of working from home, let's not talk about a) the last time I showered and b) how many times I've been to the gym since then.  Hey, I'm saving water.  And I put on clean underpants every day.

7. I do strength-training 6 days out of 7, but I've finally added in ab work, thanks to Heather and her MEAN MEAN STn30.  3 days of crunches, a few extra planks...maybe that's why I'm more tired than usual.  *shakes fist at lazy mushy abs*

8. According to the Wii Fit (the be-all end-all of doctors), I am no longer "over-weight."  I am "normal."  Yeah, I don't want to touch that one either.

9. Somehow through my clicking yesterday, I ended up watching the preview for Earthlings.  DO NOT CLICK ON THAT.  It's a documentary about the treatment of animals for many things, including food.  After watching the preview, I sat down and hugged G for about 25 minutes.  It also made me think, for the first time in my life, about maybe cutting meat out of my diet.  Right now I would guess that I eat meat 3-5 times a week, and I would guess almost all of that is chicken.  Sometimes shrimp, and very occasionally red meat.  I've been trying to get more protein in my diet, and I know I need to just break down and try the tofu thing, but I'm a fussy eater and it's HARD to try new things.  There, I said it.  I'M LAZY.  But the video did make me think more carefully about where my meat comes from, and I started looking around for places where I can find meat that has been treated humanely.  I'd love suggestions on this in the northern-VA area, actually.

10. The poet has now done my leg workout with me once and my arm/ab workout with me once.  Woohahahahahaa!  I wonder if I've been working harder when I work out with him, just so he can feel like more of a pussy, and that's why I'm tired? Food for thought.

11. I'm feeling a lot calmer about the whole IT band thing, but don't want to bore everyone with my whining (today) when we've been having SUCH a good time.

12. Exciting plans for this weekend: buy a grill.  A big fancy one!  And maybe a lawnmower, and get fitted for a bike.  

13. I can't stop eating Luna bars.  First it was Lemon Crisp.  Then it was Raspberry Chocolate, but I only bought one of those, so I forgot and started gorging myself on Chocolate Peppermint, but then at Harris Teeter the other night they HAD Raspberry Chocolate, so I bought (cough) 8 bars, and I can't stop!!  I know there are worse things to be addicted to that I've cut out of my life (Cool Ranch Doritoes.  Qdoba taco salad with the crispy bowl.  Most of the ranch dressing.  Heroi....ahem) but I can't imagine it's good to be eating this much....um, whatever is in Luna bars.  

14. I have huge quads.  Jeebus.  How'd that happen?

15. The fruit/veggie thing has been going fairly well, but I'm generally eating lots of fruit and not enough veggies.  Need to work on this.

16. I also read something about sodium yesterday (hey, work was slow), and started looking at the sodium level on the boxes of food, and good grief.  It's just like when someone told me about the corn syrup thing and I realized that everything delicious had tons of it.  

17. Morning puppy snuggles.  I'd been awake for 3 minutes, ignore the hair/sleepy face.

18. Ummm....I think I'm out of randomness.  Have a great weekend, everyone!