all about feet

Yesterday I attempted my first outdoor (tg!) walk/run session.  I drove to a local track instead of getting lost in the woods of Albuquerque.  So, a few things.  First, I'm so happy to be running outside again!  Second, WHOA ELEVATION!!!  Who knew??  I'm pretty sure I've run at high elevation before and don't remember this incredible feeling of being close to death.  I ran my first 6-minute chunk at about a 9:20 pace and honestly thought the end was near.  Third, the wind.  Crikey, the wind!  It knocked over my full water bottle and blew me across lanes a few times.  This was serious!!  I ended up doing 2 minutes walking/6 minutes running 6 times, plus I extended the last set.  Ended up running 32 minutes out of 42, and hacked and wheezed for a solid 2 hours afterwards.  The IT update continues to be: lots of tightness and warning shots, no actual pain, but the level of tightness concerns me.  I wish this stupid IT would just make up its mind!  Either be full of pain so I can CUT YOU, or go away.  Don't just be tight and all warning-shot-y for the rest of my life.  I want to just go, not to stare at a clock waiting for 2 minutes to pass so I can run another 6.  Also, 32 minutes of running is not enough for me.  It's just not.  Okay, whine over.

Spent the afternoon hanging outside in the explosively sunny weather.  I love it.  Later, we went and got pedicures.  I guess a bonus to running 8 miles a week instead of 30 is that my feet don't completely hate life anymore.  After that, I went with B and the poet so they could get new tattoos.  I sat out this round.  All-you-can-eat sushi (I sat out this round as well, which turned out to be a fairly good idea because everyone was moaning and holding their bellies the rest of the night) finished up our night.

Happy Friday!  I'll be having a wonderful weekend in the sun, eating delicious BBQ and drinking margaritas.  Yum!