a great summer weekend!

I love the summer.  I just adore it.  I like being outside, I like having the windows open, I like wearing flip-flops.  

On Friday, I got in a legs (& abs!) workout and did a "random hill" workout on the spin bike at the gym.  I was sweating pretty hard and the resistance was rather low, but I still don't believe that I did 6.25 miles in 15 minutes.  Those spin bikes are fishy....  After that, I headed over to the pool with a swim buddy who is training for a tri and got in 1500 yards, including a 500 yard sprint ladder.  And by sprint, I of course mean "slightly faster than the rest."  My shoulder was a bit cranky while I was warming up, but once I got moving and settled in, it felt great.  I got out of the pool feeling like I could have done more, which is fantastical for this point in my recovery!!  I'm also really enjoying doubling up legs/bike/swim.  Ending with the swim is soothing.

Friday night we had some friends over for some grilling and some board games.  This is my amazing sculpturade of buddha: 

I'm an amazing artist, right?  Also please notice I'm serving drinks in my snowman glasses.  Come to Katie's house, we live classy.

On Saturday morning I finally broke down and bought another pair of the Champion capris I love so much from Target.  I can only pretend to wash the one pair I have every day for so long.  After lunch, I headed into DC for a workout party hosted by Liz!  Check out her page for a funny video and a picture of sweaty girls.  It was a great sweaty uncoordinated dropping things time (for me), plus I got to meet lots of bloggers, including another email/blogger buddy Liz, PLUS I got to eat frozenyo.  I got mint chocolate frozen yo with tons of fresh raspberries and a gummy bear (you can kind of see him on the left).  It was deeeeeelicious.

I came home & took the pup for a walk, and added in some 30 second - 1 minute run spurts.  I'm hoping he'll end up being a running buddy, if I'm ever able to run again.  He was pretty tired after that, so we had to take a nap.  A delicious middle-of-a-rainy-day nap.  We went to Mike's that night for dinner, which is one of my A-number-one places to eat in DC.  The mixed greens salad with the goat cheese....oh man.  Be careful, though, the portions are gigunderous.

Sunday morning I got up early and went to the gym to lift, run, and bike.  Another 2 minute walk/5 minute run session on the treadmill (rage), almost 5 miles on the bike, and a tough arms workout, with some new ab exercises that I shamelessly stole from RW.  That's right, me and Josh Cox are going to be twinsies.  You just wait.  

I furminated the puppy later in the day, and yes, everyone has already told me about the oil spill dog hair thing.
We could basically make a new puppy out of that, we just need the tail and the bark.

Sunday afternoon was BBQ time!  Two of my college friends live in the DC area and they came over for super BBQing.
I made....
grilled pineapple
grilled peppers
asparagus with whole almonds (didn't want to chop those buggers)

..and then the usual beer brats & various burgers on the grill.  Also, one friend brought pasta salad, which was tasty, and the other friend brought peanut butter pie, which was a brilliant triumph of yum.

Finished off my weekend by studying for econ while the boys watched the "Lost" finale.  I'm not a "Lost" person, but I've been enjoying watching the internet explode this morning as everyone has "one more question" they demand to be answered.

Tomorrow: things before 30 discussion.