weekend in new hampshire with my GIRL!

This past weekend, I went up to NH to visit one of my best friends.  When I got in on Thursday night, we went to La Festa and had garlic and beer amazingness.

On Friday, I worked through the early afternoon, then we went to the gym, then off to Chipotle for dinner.  Now, I am not a Chipotle person.  I am a Qdoba person, and usually folks are bitterly divided about which is better.  I had the taco salad on Friday night and it was actually pretty yum!  Still not as good as my main man, the Qdoba taco salad.  
Thumbs up for Chipotle.

We went to see some crazy movie with animatronic squirrels but ended up seeing "How To Train Your Dragon," which was INCREDIBLY cute and I'm so glad we skipped out on the Brenden Fraser fail flick.

On Friday, we went down to Boston to walk the Freedom Trail.  I lived in Boston for a year, but I was poor as dirt and never did anything except practice.  I actually never really did any free activities, either, like walk around the city.  We started at Boston Commons.

Why hello!
A church - I think King's Chapel?  The pews were really cool - everyone had their own box.
We walked over a scary bridge to where the USS Constitution is.
Potential new clammy?

This is never something I would've done on my own but I was really glad we did it!  When we got back to Dover, we had lots of delicious Thai food and then went for a walk to digest a little, and stumbled on an ice cream stand.  We decided to share the hot fudge brownie sundae with whipped cream, nuts, peanut butter sauce and fudge sauce, and the ice cream was "Maine Surviver," which was a ridiculous vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered peanuts, chocolate chips and probably a lot more ingredients that I forgot.

We couldn't finish it.  Sad panda.

After that we were ready to explode so we went home and watched "Rainman," which I had never seen.  All in all a wonderful weekend in New Hampshire!  J took a lot of pictures with her camera so I might steal some if she posts any.

I'm getting ready to head to New Mexico for another long weekend with another one of my best girls.  I love that I'm getting to see so many of my far-far-away friends this month!