three things thursday

1. I'm in week 6 of IT-related self-imposed boot camp, and my body is changing.  I've probably lost 10 lbs or so since I started this - actually probably more, but tacked it back on in muscle - and I can really tell the difference.  My hips don't bubble out quite as far, my boobs are shrinking (HIP.  HIP.  HOOOOORRAAY!!!!) and I don't think my leg muscles have ever been so big, strong, and toned.  So much for my chicken legs dream.....  My upper body is coming along much more slowly due to the restraints of my recovery from shoulder surgery, but I'm adding a bit more every workout.  And I hate hate HATE doing crunches (mostly because I feel like I don't know how to do them correctly and I get a headache after about 4), and planks are still out of the question, so my abs are probably the weakest thing right now.  Time to turn that on....

2. I turned my nose up at the recumbent bike yesterday and hopped on a spin bike instead.  WOW - does that make a huge difference!?  I turned the resistance way up and was dying after about 10 minutes.  I did 10 miles that way, and my glutes/hamstrings were sore all night - still are, actually.  I was actually glad to find something that could kick my ass like running does, and am aaaaalmost ready for a spin class (scared for my lady parts, ouch!).  The spinning studio is right next to the free weights/mats at the gym, so I watch pieces of classes often, and they look really intense but good.  I'm going to get back in the pool this weekend (can I get another HOORAY!), so maybe spinning class will wait until next week.

3. I'm 3 weeks away from the end of the semester, and I can't be happier.  I took 1.5 times a full load this semester, and it's really starting to burn me out, especially as one of my classes has been particularly rough.  I've also been reconsidering the dual degree program I'm in, and thinking about just completing my MBA instead.  We'll see - for now, I've rearranged my classes so I don't have to decide about the second degree until December or so.  

Happy Thursday, everyone!