three things thursday

1. I'm in week 6 of IT-related self-imposed boot camp, and my body is changing.  I've probably lost 10 lbs or so since I started this - actually probably more, but tacked it back on in muscle - and I can really tell the difference.  My hips don't bubble out quite as far, my boobs are shrinking (HIP.  HIP.  HOOOOORRAAY!!!!) and I don't think my leg muscles have ever been so big, strong, and toned.  So much for my chicken legs dream.....  My upper body is coming along much more slowly due to the restraints of my recovery from shoulder surgery, but I'm adding a bit more every workout.  And I hate hate HATE doing crunches (mostly because I feel like I don't know how to do them correctly and I get a headache after about 4), and planks are still out of the question, so my abs are probably the weakest thing right now.  Time to turn that on.... 2. I turned my nose up at the recumbent bike yesterday and hopped on a spin bike instead.  WOW - does that make a huge diffe

lots of words wednesday

Yesterday, I went to see my ortho, the magical mystery man, Dr. P.  Good news: he seemed pleased by how well my shoulder is healing.  "Wow, really good," were his surprised-voice words when he started testing my range of motion after I said, "hey, my shoulder is good!"  I think this means that I'm going to get back in the pool this week.  My lap-motion is still creaky, and I'll probably do 100-200 yards swimming, the rest kicking, but I need something different in my workout life or I'm going to go freakin' IN.SANE. Less than good news: he says the next steps in treating my IT band are totally dependent on my patience with this injury.  I fought the other IT band for over 4 years before giving the go-ahead to surgery, because I really didn't want to have it.  Now, I've only been fighting this one for 6 weeks ("that's a lot less than 6 months," he says - the amount of time he was down with an IT band injury), and I don'

ABQ trip

The poet and I went to ABQ for a long weekend to visit my girl.  A few things about ABQ (I will continue to say ABQ instead of google-ing how to spell Albuquerquequeque): it's really dry there.  My nose was unhappy.  Also, it's really windy, and I hate the wind because it blows my hair in my face!!  FACE!  But, it's really warm during the day and cool at night, and the sky is really blue, and I got to sunbathe and drink margaritas.  All good things. The first night, we went to a brick over pizza place to support the NMSO, which my girl and her man are both in.  Nom nom nom. I'm wearing my cinco de mayo shirt, but no makeup.  Awesome. It was delicious!  We were pretty jeg-lagged (we actually never really got un-jet-lagged) that night so we just crashed. The next day, we sunbathed for a bit, then went and got pedicures.   After toes, I spectated a tattoo event: Ouches! The following night we attended a AAA baseball game.  We had fantastic seats and it was a really g

two complete days off

I took two days completely off this weekend.  I didn't even do my theraband exercises, and I only foam-rolled once.  My gym workouts have been feeling pretty stale, and it was awesome ( but rough ) to get out on a track on Thursday.  Looking back at the past 2 months, I haven't had a day of complete rest in over 3 weeks, so I took 2.  And there was a BBQ on Saturday, and it was a long awesome party, and I basically ate.everything.on.the.table. Over and over.  Not so good.  And yesterday we flew home and by the time we picked up the pup and cleaned and did laundry and unpacked and opened all the windows to air out the house it was late.  Too late to go to the gym, and our cabinets were empty.  So I finished off the weekend with part of a frozen pizza and some mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Mmmm. It does mean that I'm actually looking forward to getting back in the gym today, if only to try and repair the damage I did over the weekend.  But I'm actually looking forward