random friday facts

1. I have purple toenails right now (painted, not bashed in).  I love them.

2. I check twitter obsessively.  If I say something that I think is funny and no one replies, I feel like the nerdy kid who snorts.

3. I am such a creature of habit.  When I get in the shower, it goes: shampoo, rinse, conditioner, face wash, shave bits, body wash, conditioner rinse, exit.  I think I'd explode if I messed with this.

4. I'm from just outside Philly.  I use this as an excuse to why I cuss so much/have a weird accent/like cheese so much.  But really, I just like cheese.  And cussing.  And I have a weird accent from going to school in Indiana and living for 2 years with a roommate who had a POWERFUL Chicago accent.  When I go home, I think my parents have accents.

5. I get frustrated easily.  I'm working on it.

6. I spend a lot of time buying things and then returning them.  

7. I don't think I could ever send back food in a restaurant.  No matter what was crawling on it.

8. I tend to make split-second huge decisions.  Or I dither for MONTHS and do nothing.  Many of the split-second decisions I've made in my life have turned out to be my journey.  

9. I don't like when other people's dogs lick me.  I mean, I don't like it when my dog does it either, but other people's dogs doing it really grosses me out.  I can't explain why.

10. I hope the rest of my life is filled with as much motion and friends and balance as the past 6 months have been.  I will fight hard to protect it.

11. I feel better if I read while I eat.

12. I love meeting new friends, but there is nothing like old friends, the ones who know you well, the ones who haven't changed, the ones who still make you laugh.  I had lots of these friends over last night, and I feel blessed.

13. I think having a dog has made me a better person.

14. I love contrasting food combinations.  Citrus and chocolate is a current favorite.

15. I don't like it when people touch me when they talk.

16. I have a very sensitive nose, and hate bad smells.  The poet has no sense of smell.  

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Think good thoughts around 7:30am Sunday morning for me!


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