giveaway winner and I get back in the pool

OKAY!  No one has been anxiously awaiting the giveaway winner more than me!  Mostly because I never get to be on the very exciting side of going to and hitting the button.  WHOMP!  PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!    

I totally asked everyone why they were awesome on a whim, but this was SUCH a great round of comments!  I love hearing why everyone is awesome.  I think you guys are all pretty awesome because you read my blog, which can be summed up as "whine whine whine IT band bitch moan bike grumble grumble bike stretch food food food."  You guys, major props.

Some of my favorite comments:

LPT: "...I'm currently awesome because I have a bruised jaw, a swollen face, a side braid, and I'm wearing shorts (that are possibly too short) to work today.  It's like the 1980's punched me in the head."

Dash: "... I am awesome, because like you, I cuss like I just stepped off an 18-wheeler."  How did you know?

Liz: "Who do I have to sleep with to get free running gear?"  Um, not me?  

tswimmwer: "...AND I survived a divorce this year."  Fist pump.  This makes you an amazing woman.

Heather: "...wake up at 5am..." was as far as I needed to read.  You morning people put me to shame.

KateKirk: "...and don't seriously lose my shit and just give up and watch Food Network and eat Dove bars on the couch."  Sometimes, this is my life.  Can you see me?  Are there cameras?

There are a TON more of great comments but switching back and forth between the tabs is giving me carpel tunnel, so just go read them.  Seriously.  

The winners are.....46 and 11, Leslie and Liz (lizardruns)!

Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll get them out this week.  We can be twinsies!

Please don't despair if you didn't win (I ALWAYS despair when I don't win) because I've got at least 3 more giveaways lined up over the next month that you can bomb out on.  AT LEAST.  

Now back to the good FASCINATING life!

I slept 12 (TWELVE!!) hours on Saturday night, and still desperately wanted a nap on Sunday.  Dear My Body This Was A Light Week So Quit Bitching.  Instead, I dragged myself to the pool, where I spent 5 minutes sitting on the edge telling myself I could go home if I wanted to.  Then I got in.  Stretched.  Whined (in my head).  Did 50 yards.  Whined some more.  And repeat until I hit 400 yards and suddenly didn't want to drown just so I could get out of the pool.  I ended up doing 2500 slow yards in 70 minutes (this includes all the whine and stretch time) and felt much better once I was done.  I didn't lift because the only thing that goes with swimming is legs, and I had a glorious reunion on Sunday afternoon with my Awesome Massage Lady!!!  I haven't seen her since May while I've been finishing my other massage membership, and girl, ain't nobody beat on my sweet ass like you do.  She agreed that my psoas is cranky but also discovered/pointed out that there are tons of tiny little muscles around my hips that are tight as crap and likely causing trouble.  Huh.  So I'm stretching and drinking lots of water and hoping that these hips calm down.  I don't think there's a hip-removal surgery available just yet.

This morning I got up super-early to try and run OUTSIDE.  I know.  Despite all my bitching, I actually really love summer running, because I'm a fan of sweating my brains out and puking.  I, however, am not a fan of trying to adjust to summer weather in mid-July.  Ughhhhh.  It took every ounce of mental ooge to get through this run.  I'm such a freakin' pansy.  SHUT IT.

Total: 2.01 miles/18:21/avg. pace 9:08

I headed off to the gym, where I lifted for 45 minutes, and then hopped on the treadmill for redemption.

Total: 1.05 miles/8:30/avg. pace 8:05

THAT'S RIGHT.  I walked 2 minutes on either side of this.  When I staggered off the treadmill, I happened to run into a former manager of mine - one that I liked quite a bit - and we chatted for a spell.  It wasn't that awkward that I was in a drenched sports bra and booty shorts that were riding up into my crotch and smelled like a ripe armpit.  As we chatted, he said, "You left Apple, right?" and I said, "Yup" and told him about my new job, but what I wanted to say was, "LIKE A BULLET FROM A GUN, BABEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

It's the little things.

On tap this week: letting someone else kick my ass through a cycling hill workout, more product review happiness, at least one more run outside (ugh. I KNOW), and I've got a surprise at the end of the week!


  1. Seriously, Lucky Liz wins everything. She is a charmed one. I am officially renaming her to Lucky Lizard.

    I have sleep envy.

  2. What the F???? I didn't win! I *thought* we were friends and that I was your *favorite* blogger!! Blah, blah, blah!

    end of rant (for now, or until the next giveaway and I somehow loose that one, too!)

    Anywhoo - nice job on getting the swim in :)

  3. Nice job on pushing through the run. I love July, but I'd love it more if I could just sit by the pool with a pina colada!! :)


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