crystal city twilighter 5K: race report

I'll try to only say this once: Holy Mother of 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus, was it freakin' hot out.

I spent most of the afternoon reading in bed, drinking gallons of water and try to store up air conditioning in my blood.  We headed up to the race around 7:15, and stayed in our parked, A/C-running car until about 7:40.  I had frozen water in my handheld and steel in my veins.
 I am not pretending this is a good idea.
I bumped into MCM Mama just before the air horn went off!
She looked ready to rumble.

All I wanted to do was survive, so my goal was to not burn out in the first mile.  I looked down a few times and saw 8:xx on my Garmin, and reeled it in.  First mile went by pretty evenly: 9:29.  I walked through the water station, and dumped two cups of water on my head.  FAIL: this made my left earbud stop working.  Awesome.  I started to feel warmer right before the second mile mark, and my IT band started pulling a bit.  Hit the second mile at 19:21, and immediately stopped and stretched my IT band.  I wasn't worried about the time I was losing, but I was worried about how tight it was.  I stretched for probably 30-45 seconds, then kept going.  Hit a water station, dumped two cups on my head.  My "frozen" handheld was hot at this point, but I was dumping that on myself too.  I had to stop and stretch my IT band twice more, for 15-30 seconds, during this mile.  I hit the third mile at 30:23 (stupid IT band) and slogged in, for a finish of 31:16.  Yes, a 4-year-old beat me and my IT band.  Ugh.  It wasn't until I stopped and walked that I noticed how incredibly over-heated I was.  
Check out the color of my face, compared with my arm.  
Also, this guy is tickling my IT band.  Tease.

 Awesome race partner.

We headed back to the car and changed (yup, stripped in the parking garage), and went back for our free beers.  Lucky me, the poet doesn't drink beer, so I had two free ones on an empty stomach.  I'm so smart.
 ....which means that by the time we got to the bar, I was feeling pretty happy.

We met up with Heather, who was celebrating her 24th birthday with her 24th race!

 And the fabulous Liz, who came to spectate and drink beer and cheer on the slow people (moi).

The service at the bar was less-than-prompt, so by the time we left, I had the equivalent of another two beers and some pretzel nibbles in my tummy.  I realized by the time we got home how much of a bad idea this was, so I sent three pieces of cookie cake in there to soak up the beers.  Cookie cake, you are my hero.

Lesson of this race: my IT band isn't ready for racing, especially in this heat.  By the last quarter-mile, it was sending big noisy fireworks that spelled out, "I'M DONE HERE."  My knee didn't start hurting, though, so I still think I'm on the recovery road.  Just not there yet.


  1. After reading this post, I have more questions than I thought.

    1. Holy Mother of 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus, who runs that fast when it's that freakin' hot out?
    2. What else was that guy tickling?
    3. Nice to see Liz out of her fatigue hole.
    4. Did MCMMama have beer in her Nathan hand-held?
    5. Two Beers + Dehydration after running 3.1 miles =??
    7. CONGRATULATIONS KATIE AND HER IT BAND FOR A GREAT RACE, even without stopping for stretching, I couldn't have done that.
    8. Why didn't anyone invite Dash?? Oh, that's right, Dash lives too far and is afraid of the heat.
    9. Next time, why don't you leave the IT band at home? It's clear it can't keep up with you!!

    -comments brought to you by Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Swirls...

  2. LMAO at Dash's comments!

    It was great to see you, but holy heck it was a hot race. I gave my beer ticket away since I hadn't eaten since 2 and had to drive home. Instead, I drank all the nuun in my bottle, a bottle of water, and an entire bottle of powerade before I even thought about a banana.

    Wish I'd seen you and liz at the end. One of these days... Let me know if you guys have a bloggy get together sometime.

  3. Cracking up at Dash's comments! So fun that you got to meet MCM. Yay for beer at the end!

  4. I love that Dash's comments are complements of Rio Grande swirls. Katie, next time you need to write the recap during/after the two free beers!

  5. I'd say I'm so sorry I missed it ... but seriously, Holy Mother of 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus, was it freakin' hot out. Nice job getting through it—at least you know your next PITBI (post-IT band injury) race will feel awesome by comparison!

  6. THEY GIVE YOU FREE BEER?? Is it too soon to sign up for next year?
    HUGE congrats on the race, even though the IT wasn't perfectly behaved.

  7. Ha, Ultrarunnergirl - there are Many races around here that provide free Cerveza - you need to look into this! ;)

    Congrats on the first post-injury race!! Glad you came out to join us for a few drinks and FOOD - which we clearly needed...

  8. Great job!!! Up for another 5k next weekend?

  9. So cool you got to meet up with Mamma! crack me up! That damn IT band is a mother f-er, we need to fix that asap!
    Good job on finishing and your awesome post-race rehydration technique - that sounds like something crazy I would do!!!


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