june as a wrap

Let us sit down and see how June went....

June Goals
Buy the bike.  Ride it a lot.  Hopefully with people.  Don't die.  Check, check, check and check!
Work my way back up to 2500-3500 yards in the pool, including that nasty 1000-yard sprint set.  Done & done.  I've only done the nasty set once, but the 500-yard sprint set is a regular.
Buy and then cook tofu.  Don't be scared.  A huge success!  
Run a race.  Even if it takes twice as long as my PR at that distance because I have to walk every 4 minutes.  Nope, still haven't gotten this one done.  But next weekend brings a race....
Keep working on my abs.  They're in there somewhere.  They are still....in there somewhere.  Holiday weekend eating isn't helping.
Keep adding variety to my workouts.  I spent a lot of time this month thinking about & changing up my workouts, especially via exploring DC on a bicycle.

As far as running goes, I haven't made a lot of progress on paper.  However, I think I've made huge mental strides.  I got another cortisone shot this month, and it seems to be ever-so-slowly helping me over the hump back into running.  I've consistently run 2-3 times a week, and my runs have been building from 1 mile (post-cortisone) to the speedy 2.5 I did last Friday.  Ah, yes.  Speed.  Where I'm seeing the most progress right now.  Before this IT band injury, I floated along pretty consistently at a 9:45-and-upwards pace, and I was happy there.  Now, I'm carefully tracking in the 8:40-9:00 pace, and again, on paper, this is not a huge difference, but it's the fastest I've run since I was a wee college midge.  Granted, I'm only running 2-2.5 miles instead of 10 at this pace, but I'll freaking take it, especially since it feels easy and relaxed and happy.  

As far as the IT band goes, not much has changed - which may be a good thing.  I'm still having a fair amount of tightness during and after running, but I'm also still doing everything I can to ward off the knee-yanking-awfulness that has not returned.

As far as everything else goes, again, huge strides.  My swimming is coming back pretty easily, and I feel powerful and smooth in the water.  My cycling has to be getting better because it can't get worse, with my long rides topping out around 40-45 miles right now, and my shorter rides getting faster and easier, as I get more comfortable on the bike.  I'm changing the way I approach lifting, and it seems to be taking some of the aches and pains away.  I'm still experimenting in the kitchen, with mostly positive (see: cookie cake 12lb gain disaster) results.  I also LOVE that I've been cycling with new friends (hint, new - and old - friends) as I've really missed the camaraderie of running while I've been in self-imposed-PT-group-workout-exclusion from the running community.  

Miles run: 24, for a yearly low, but they felt better than the 70-mile months, so I'm okay with this.
Miles cycled: 251.  WHAT?!  This makes me feel like a superhero.  WHOMP.
Tofus eaten: 3
Tofus that stayed together while they cooked: 0
Cookie cakes baked and consumed in 4 days: 1 (I will never forgive you for this, just so you know)
Puppy-shaving accidents: 1, which is still too many.  Poor little guy.
Bags of clothes donated because they are falling off my sad little booter: 3
Insane Yoga Instructors: 2
Bikes purchased: 1, hurrah!
Numbers of time the bike shop guys laughed at me after I left: 6
Number of nights I went to sleep happy and satisfied with life after a great day of running or biking or swimming or dog walking or beer drinking or eating outside or cooking or any number of amazing summer events with the great people that fill up my life with joy: all.

July Goals
Itty Bitty Teeny McTiny Tri Goal: finish.  That, at least, should be a slam-dunk, but I don't want to speak too soon, so I'll say, squeee, wish me luck!
Run a 5K.  Be healthy.  Keep in mind these are not mutually exclusive.
Break the 50-mile long ride mark.
Keep dragging friends out for bike rides.  I enjoy this so so much.
Continue to experiment with both cooking and my diet.

And finally....
Try and hang onto this moment, this one, right now, where I feel happy and balanced and like I am working towards great things, but also filling my life with people and places that are bringing me so much joy.

What are your July goals?


  1. To learn how to cope with the loss of my father and get on with life. I find that I have been putting all of my sadness and fear in the back of my mind and it all came out tonight in the form of a full blown panic attack.....I just want to be a better person and a good father. I am very proud to see what all you have accomplished while we have known each other.

  2. HOORAY on all counts! What a stellar month! And, I can't wait to ride with you again. WHEN??

  3. Your blog always makes me smile, Katie! Even when I'm in a shitty mood (ie everyday lately). I want to be where you are right now. I miss that feeling. I'm struggling to pull myself out of the state of misery that is my current mood.

    My July goal is to find that happy place again!

  4. I'm so impressed with your bike mileage! Inspiring. Also 1 min faster pace on your running is really amazing!

  5. HI FIVES, gurrrlfriend. (I say it like that.)


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