road trip!!!

So, after I was done swimming, biking and running on Sunday, I hopped in Julie's car with her to "help" move her down to Atlanta for the summer.  I would not recommend this as a recovery strategy.  I felt fine in the car, but the first time we stopped, and I had to stand  Cranky.  We made it to Charlotte, NC that night, and stayed with her friend Haley in her fancy new apartment.  The next morning, I creaked and whined out of bed and back into the car.  

Our first sign of the south: giant fruit that looks like a butt.

We stopped at Abbotts Farm Outlet along the way to try some delicious yummies.  The store was full of southern treats, like boiled peanuts, pickled okra, and all kinds of preserves.
apparently blackberries are evil.

We hit Atlanta mid-afternoon, and I spent several hours walking the ATL airport trying to get a flight out.  I ended up staying another night in Atlanta, and am now working from a happy little coffee shop.  I'll probably head back up to DC tonight, and will spend the better part of the end of the week in the gym, trying to work off all the fantastic food and car-trip-butt I've acquired in the last two days.  I'll be back on the hunt for bike-riding buddies, as I think the next thing to go on the calendar is going to be that century ride (I said RIDE, not RACE, so calm yourselves) I've been thinking about.  See everyone soon!