because I'm already bruised and bleeding

After a really nice bike ride yesterday morning, I settled down to work for a few hours.  Or, did I?  Wait, did I mention that my work computer won't turn on and they can't fix it for a week and I couldn't get into my backup until it ran a disk repair that took over 24 hours and finished up just MOMENTS ago because my computer died while it was running a backup and borked the universe?  Right.  Grr.


Around lunchtime, I headed over to Spokes, because they are always nice there and don't make fun of me for not knowing where the brakes are and there's a really cute dog that walks around.  I dropped my bike in for a tune-up with the repair dudes - they are definitely dudes, not guys or men or boys - because my front brakes making an awesome noise after Sunday's crash - turned out there was a big piece of metal sticking out the brake pad and touching the wheel.  While that was going on, I walked over to learn about pedals.  I figured that since I'm already covered and bruises and scrapes and one still-oozing piece of sweet road rash, now would be a great time to become attached to my bike in a more permanent way.  Now, nearly every single person that I've talked to about pedals has shouted, "Speedplay" or "Speedplay Zeros" almost before I am done asking the question.  So that's what I ended up getting.  
My shoe!
I'm sad because my cages are gone and death is many many many steps closer.
But check out the cute dog!

I thought I was going to have to leave my bike there overnight to put it all together, but the super-nice guy who sold me the bike, showed me where the brakes are, fit me the day I bought my bike, sold me a bike computer, and thinks I'm only a little bit crazy said he would do it right then, and then let me sit on the trainer and practice until I was convinced I wouldn't die or the store closed, whichever came first.  

My super-nice bike guy.
I'm fierce now.

At first the pedals were REALLY REALLY stiff and I had to almost break my foot in half to get unclipped, but the longer I sat there, the easier it got.  Says the girl on the trainer.  I think I'll head out today - there's a big baseball field about 1/4 mile from my house, and that seems like a good place to practice as grass is marginally softer and less abusive than concrete.  If you see me out there, do me a favor and scrape up any skin you see laying around - I'm running a bit low right now.  I also think it would be incredibly wise to skip Conte's hill workout tonight, because the first day of being clipped in is probably not the day to try and ride vertically up the side of a building.
Graham says, this is all just too much excitement for me.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I LOVE that you took a picture of your bike guy. This post reeeally makes me want to try clip ins, but not enough to actually do it. Good luck!

  2. im not trying to scare you... but just to give you a heads up to not make the clips too tight... my bro did that and wrecked and couldn't get out of his clips... but im sure you'll be fine and starting out in the grass is a great idea! my bro is a kind of person who thinks nothing bad will happen lol... so just be cautious! :) also, love the picture of your bike dude! lol...

  3. I love speedplay--so gentle on the knees b/c of the extra float. You'll be used to them in no time.

    Boo on the computer!

  4. Holy hell woman! You're crazy! I've been thinking about getting clipped in myself - I will let you test it out for the both of us :)
    Oh, and I'm glad to see G's hair is finally making a come back! LOL!

  5. I don't know if I could handle clips. I'm sure I'd get used to them, but getting over the initial fear of being stuck in them and wiping out has me a bit more than timid to give them a go! You're a tough cookie, so I'm sure you'll rock them just fine. Good luck!

  6. Every one told me that I would fall down after getting clipped in. So, I fell on purpose in a patch of lush grass. Just rolled up to the curb and fell. Haven't failed to clip out since. ;-)

  7. Nothing wrong with practicing on the Trainer! Just sayin. WHOOP - you're all bike-official now :)


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