so much to talk about!!

I am exploding with stuff to tell you all!  Some of it will have to wait, though....I had a GREAT July 4th weekend!  

Friday evening we started off the weekend by going to Fireflies, a local restaurant.  I'd been there before for brunch, but had never sampled their dinner menu.  We decided to enjoy the lovely cool temps and eat outside.  I don't remember exactly what I ordered, but it was some kind of pasta/pesto dish, and I got a side of sauteed spinach, and it was ridiculously delicious.    They will definitely be going into the monthly dinner rotation - I can't wait to go back!

Saturday morning we got up and headed up to DC for a morning ride.  It was cool enough for the first hour or so that I got chills - I'm pretty sad that those temps seem to have headed out for now.  We looped around Haines Point, rounded the monuments, and headed back home for an easy 25 miles.
Haines Point is gorgeous in the morning.
Stopped at WWII Memorial - it's my favorite one.
Riding in circles waiting for the poet to finish his picture-taking. 

The last 5 miles or so we split up, and I was able to really blast through some little hills home.  When I got home, I ran in the door, swapped my biking shoes for running shoes, refilled my water, grabbed my Garmin (oh Garmin my Garmin!  How I have missed you!) and headed back outside for a run.  My legs felt like, well, bricks.  I ran in a bicycle shape for about a mile before things got straightened out down there.  I only did 2 miles, but I was happy to be out on the streets.  This is much slower than my inside pace has been - I can only blame the bike!

Total: 2.0/20:10/avg. pace 10:05

It was time for a pretty serious nap after all this, which I enjoyed with G.  His hair might be growing.  My good friend Julie showed up Saturday afternoon - she'll be in town for a week or so, and then I'll be road-tripping down to Atlanta with her, so look forward to lots of DC-exploring and road-tripping adventures this week!

We went down to Stafford to visit a friend of Julie's on Saturday night, and watched The Fight.  I've never seen a fight before (except while teaching high school, but I have a feeling this is a bit different) and was, well, more than a little bit horrified.  We watched the pre-lims, and then the "big fight."  The prelims were hard to watch - essentially, the point is that two men fight until one passes out or stops defending himself, so there's a LOT of blood.  I looked away for a good bit of it - yikes. It was kind of gross, but the boys enjoyed it immensely.

Sunday afternoon we headed to a Nats game.  Now, when I bought the tickets on Saturday, I was pretty excited to find some cheap outfield seats near the Red Porch, because that's where I like to sit.  We did not consider the 102* day and the 1:35pm start time.  We melted until about the 8th inning, where we got a brief bit of shade.  
 Nationals Park!
 Awww (vomit).
During one of our many "shade" breaks....
...Teddy found us!
We had a blast at the game but the sun wiped us out.  We headed home for naps and showers, and then set out to find a place to watch the fireworks from the Virginia side.  We thought it would be as easy as driving up to Gravelly Point and parking.  HA!!!  Oh, silly people who should've lived here long enough to know better.  We ended up driving all the way up to the Key Bridge, turning around, and then pulling off (sorry, Mr. Policemans) on the side of the GW and scrambling up to a little bridge to watch the fireworks.  It ended up being a great seat for the DC fireworks, and easy to sneak out before traffic got extra bad.  Win all around!!!

Monday morning we headed to a completely-deserted gym, where I got in another great swim.  I had to do a tiny bit of work on Monday (WHAT?!) but when it was done, we headed over the Liz's house for an afternoon bike ride/BBQ.  It was HOT HOT HOT.  We did an out-and-back on the MV trail from her house, and I appreciated the slow pace and the mostly-shaded trail.  I froze my water bottles the night before, and the little bit of water I had left when I got back to the house was scalding hot.  Yikes!  After the ride, we enjoyed scrummy BBQ and then a dip in her pool - what a nice way to cap off a long weekend!

What did everyone do this weekend?  


  1. Somewhat unrelated, but Hains Point was OPEN on saturday?! What gives, DC city-planners?? (awesome for you, though!)

    I can't believe you survived in the SUN for that game. That's almost as impressive as all these workouts all together ;)

  2. Mmmm BBQ! Also, awww baseball. I cannot allow myself to like the Nats, though. No way. Orioles. The Nationals are all new and spanky-clean and it makes me sad that now people are bashing on my long childhood history with the Orioles. Sad.

    And also, you + The Poet = cute.

  3. Action-packed weekend you had! So glad the legs are cooperating with running. Stay cool!

  4. great dip! I am going to have to make my own now :-) Thanks again and it was nice to meet you.

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