giveaway wednesday!

I'm super excited about my first giveaway: the sweet folks over at Ryder's sent me some fancy-pants sunglasses!  Take a look at their website - they have some pretty awesome gear.

I was able to try out a pair of these over the weekend at the tri:
I'm cooler in shades, yo.

These shades were actually pretty great - they didn't fog up in the heat, even as I sweated and dumped water on my head, and they stayed put under my bicycle helmet (even when I wiped out).  They have little grippers on the nose and above the ears, which helped them stay put.  I'm a big fan!  I usually don't run or ride in sunglasses, but I'm going to now.

Now the good stuff: they sent me two pairs to give away to you guys!  Awesome sauces!

I'll keep it simple....but with a twist.

The simple: Become a follower or tell me that you are and why YOU are awesome!  Leave a comment!
The twist: if you have left more than 5 comments on my blog in its lifetime (before 9am this morning), you get an extra entry.  I'll go through and figure out who those super cool folks with lots of unstructured free time are and add you in myself, you don't have to do anything.

I'll announce a winner next Monday morning.  Hooray for giveaways!