random friday facts

1. Some days I wish I was the kind of person that had one of those houses that looks like a museum, that is cool and quiet except for ticking clocks, and has furniture people are afraid to put their feet on.  My house looks like a triathlon barfed all over it, and then a few dogs came in and shook hair everywhere.  All my furniture was gifted or donated except one piece, and there are curtains hanging up on exactly one window.  And I love it.

2. I don't know of anything that has ever brought me as much peace as watching a puppy sleep.

3. I don't like fish because of the texture.  Weird slippery strangeness.

4. I hate it when people are late.

5. Work is getting more and more busy, and I'm so happy in my job.

6. The hardest meat to remove from my diet is chicken.  I never noticed how much I ate it everywhere until I started looking more carefully at the meat I eat.  And to be honest, I'm not sure if I'll let it go.  But I like how aware I am.  And it's amazing to me how many foods I used to crave no longer interest me.  Mostly greasy foods.

7. I've never had a hairstyle I'm really happy with, so my hair spends most days in a ponytail.

8. I love the smell of cigars.

9. No matter how much I read about protein, I still have no idea how to get more with eating fish or living solely on spinach and almonds.  Tofu, yes, got it, but what else?  I know lots of foods that have a little bit (CHEESE), but I need the protein bomb, so I can eat it every day and then go back to my ice cream in peace.

Speaking of tofu, last night I mixed pre-cubed tofu (new favorite thing) with one of my favorite easy comforting dinner meals: pesto noodles!  I sauteed the tofu in all the Italian-related spices I had in my cabinet.

Then I followed my usual recipe: cook bowtie noodles (whole-wheat), dump in a bowl with a tablespoon of pesto, a few hearty shakes of parmesan, and stir.  The tofu was a crunchy Italian-flavored addition that I will definitely use again!

10. Under the label of things just happen to me: last night, we decided on a whim to walk to Del Ray to get ice cream.  There's a place in Del Ray that makes doggie ice cream treats - The Dairy Godmother - and also some pretty delicious human ice cream.  As we're sitting outside, enjoying our treats, a cameraman and an extra smiley man came up and asked us about what Graham was eating.  Suddenly he's asking me questions and taping.  I don't like being on TV, I feel like the toothless momma standing on her front steps talking about how big the twister was.  But here you go anyhow.
This might be the final lesson: SHOWER MORE OFTEN.

That's all for today.  I'm hoping to see quite a few of you tomorrow night - run back and get me, eh?  I'll be the sweaty one with the jiggling stomach that's trying not to vomit.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Good luck tomorrow night! Sorry I won't be there to cheer you on, one look at weather.com has me up early tomorrow to get it over with!

    PS. I can't give up chicken either, red meat, I can live without, but I love chicken. ;)

  2. Good luck with the race! I'm sad I'm not there to run it with you!!!

  3. "the toothless momma standing on her front steps talking about how big the twister was" <- OMG. I laughed.

    Can't watch the video, but I do know you aren't toothless so it could not have been That bad. ;)

  4. Ha! You crack me up with your commentary!:)

    #4 and #5 - I'm right there with you.

    #8 - I actually prefer the smell of a pipe over cigar.

    Good luck on your run!

  5. Chobani vanilla yogurt (16 g) + 1/4 cup Kashi Toasted Berry Crumble cereal (3 g) = 19 g protein!

  6. My vegetarian protein fixes:

    1. sauteed onion, cumin, black beans, spinach, plus salsa and cheese in a tortilla

    2. Spicy Black Bean Burgers (Morningstar)- I top with a fried/poached egg + cheese + green chile salsa

    3. Black Bean salad with Lime-Cumin dressing - Cooking Light recipe

    4. Edamame or kidney beans, thrown in a salad.

    5. Morningstar Farms Chik Patties. So much like a chicken patty it's frightening.

    I have tons more as an "Almost Vegetarian" - just ask!

  7. greek yogurt is awesome too - trader's brand has 22g per serving.

    never knew about the doggie ice cream treats. when i get back to town, we definitely need a dog (and person) ice cream meet up :)

    good luck tomorrow night!

  8. Graham's famous!

    As for the twister, you're okay as long as you remember to use the famous last words (spoken in a southern accent, of course): "It sounded like a TRAIN!"

  9. I saw that clip on the news and didn't put it all together. Good luck on the race.

  10. I love your description of you house. Mine is similar, except two kids and a cat instead of dogs. ;o)

    I can't believe we are actually going to run tomorrow - it's gonna be wicked hot out there.

  11. High fives on the TV spot. I've been interviewed twice for the paper last month, but my name never made the cut. Your doggie is a sweetie.

    Also, DOUBLE high fives for the tofu.

    Honestly, if you liked eggs your life would be easier. And fish. I actually add protein powder to a smoothie after dinner every night. It helps with my sweet tooth, too. (Favorite combo: frozen banana, chocolate whey powder, scoop of peanut butter.)

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  13. Love your chyron.... DOG OWNER. That would make a funny resume byline....

  14. I'm not a vegetarain, but am moving more toward a meatless diet..I have loved experimenting with different types of beans and lentils..And I love the smell of pipes..kind of like a combo of cig smoke and cotton candy...


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