Thursday, July 8, 2010

three things thursday

1. All I've been doing this week is eating.  Eating.  Then eating some more.  GET IN MA BELLAH!  Plus I've cut back my workouts a bit and removed lifting entirely as of Tuesday until after the Teeny Tri, so I'm basically a giant blub of cheese, soy milk, peanut butter, beer, snap peas, etc.  I feel like a sloth.  I'm not doing a taper, per se, but I am cutting back so my legs are fresh.  WATCH OUT HERE COMES THE BLOB THAT ATE NEW YORK RUUUUUUNNNNNN.

That said, I did a tempo ride yesterday morning (remember yesterday?  It was 85 degrees at 5am?).  Holy quadtastical burn!  I did a 5 minute warmup, 35 hard minutes out, turned around, and went hard the whole way home.  There were some bigger hills near the turn-around, but the first/last 5 miles was pretty flat.  As usual, I didn't feel that tired when I was done, but when I hopped in the pool around lunchtime, I suddenly noticed that I was exhausted.  

Total: 21 miles/1:15/avg. pace 16.8mph

Also, I had my longest non-stop run since March on Tuesday, which is a pretty freaking awesome thing for my legs.  I'm planning to do this exact run again today.  

Total: 2.75 miles/24:00/avg. pace 8:43

2. I miss him being this little.  

3. My gym is really really bad about having a lifeguard on duty.  If I don't show up one day with puppy pics and injury rants, it's because I had a heart attack and drowned in 3 feet of water.  In my parachute bathing suit with Trick Daddy rocking out to my face-down bright purple self.  As I said to the front desk guy when I complained about it, I'm a good swimmer, but I'm not better than unconscious.

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  1. HOORAY for the longest non-stop run since March! I loved celebrating post-injury PRs in time or pace or distance. Not only do you get to start over in terms of your fastest or longest runs, the accomplishment means SO much more!