random friday facts

1. I eat my cereal dry.  Milk, ugh.

2. In big meetings that I am not running, I'd rather listen than talk.  

3. I never buy expensive sunglasses because I tend to lose/sit on/drop/destroy them.  

4. My hair is really thin and falls out/breaks easily.  I hate that.

5. I sometimes don't follow recipes very closely because I don't want to get another measuring spoon/cup dirty.  This occasionally ends in disaster.

6. There is only one closet in my house, and it's the size of a linen closet.  I have bad closet karma.  My whole life, I've either had no closet at all, a closet in a different room, or a tiny half-closet.

7. I like to surprise people.

8. I was blonde until I was 27.  Then I started dying my hair dark.  I think I look much better now, but all my shirts started looking weird.

9. My favorite piece of clothing is a pair of jeans I bought a few years ago.  They only fit me when I am thin(ner), and they are super-soft and comfortable.  I've tried to buy another pair, but they changed their design.

10. I chewed my fingernails until a few years ago.  I'm not sure why I stopped, but my nails grow really fast and drive me crazy.

11. I always send thank-you cards.  I never send Christmas cards.

12. I am a different person with a good night's sleep.  In my early twenties, I could get 5-6 hours a night and be fine.  Now I need 8-9 or I am a pissy wench.  If I don't get that, I spend all day trying to plan when I can take a nap.

13. Usually when I am injured and can't run, I retreat into myself.  I am sad and cranky and cry a lot and want to drive over runners with my car.  Depression sets in.  I think becoming a part of this awesome community of bloggers/runners/foodies is what has saved me this time around.  I wish I could send thank-you cards to you all.


  1. One of the best things my mom ever taught me was to ALWAYS send thank you cards ;) It's like good instant karma!
    Happy Friday girlie!!!!!

  2. With baking, not following the recipe is definitely a disaster. With regular cooking, I usually don't use the measuring cup/spoon to begin with. I'm all for a little of this and a little of that.

  3. I will NEVER put milk in my cereal, the thought of mushy cereal is just gross! I'm glad you found an outlet to keep you from getting depressed, I too get depressed when I can't run!

  4. Number 5 and 11 are me too.
    I'd like to see pictures of you as a blonde, it's hard to imagine since I've only seen pics of you as a brunette.

  5. Oh I must have milk on my cereal! Interesting you don't. And I hear you on the sleep issue! When I went through sleep deprivation with my babies, it was one of the hardest things ever--sleep is awesome! Glad the bloggy world has helped you out this time around.

  6. #3 is me too. That is why H&M is my friend and I run in cheesy sunglasses...unless I win your contest!

  7. How people who milk their cereal deal with the inevitable sogginess is totally beyond me. You are a smart woman, in more ways than one.

  8. ahhhh... now I get it... all those people in passing cars who cut me off or give me dirty looks or yell at me while I'm running are just injured runners!


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