three disgusting things thursday

1. SUPER-GROSS WARNING!  Skip ahead if you don't like gross things!

My super sweet elbow road rash hasn't been healing that well.  It feels like it is burning most of the time, and I bought different antibiotic cream that had pain killer in it, which didn't help at all.  However, yesterday afternoon when I took the bandage off to clean it, and again at 4am when I couldn't sleep because it was hurting, I discovered that my body has been using the cream to make some excellent greeny-brownish yellow goo.  It doesn't smell (sign of infection), but it's super disgusting.  However, there's a deep gash in one corner that is still leaking blood/goo, and I'm wondering if I should've gotten a stitch or two to hold it together.  It bled pretty constantly for about 24 hours after the fall, and has been a slow leak ever since.  I've been really diligent about washing, air-drying, and re-bandaging this week, but water touching it (in the shower, for example), stings like a motherfucker, even 4 days later.  And I haven't been sleeping well because of it, which is probably the reason I stayed in bed until almost 10am this morning like the lazy slag I am.

Because of this, I decided to bail on my pool running date this morning and tomorrow's planned swim workout.  If water makes me hiss and jump around, chlorine is probably not the best thing for it.

2. All of my lifting clothes (capris) smell like old sweaty crotch, even fresh out of the dryer, even with "workout" soap and Bounce dryer sheets.  Grr.  I hate replacing clothes that aren't worn out.  I think I'm going to just keep wearing them until I notice people giving me a wide berth.

3. (This one isn't gross).  I'll be running the Battle for Ballston 5K this Saturday morning, thanks to a 5K tweetup put together by Brittany!  Hopefully it will be slightly cooler than last weekend's 5K.

Don't forget to enter MAH GIVEAWAH!  


  1. 1.) Try letting it be without a bandage for a day. That'll give it time to crust up and scab over, which should let it start healing. Sometimes when I have things like that, I'll bandage them at night and leave them open during the day. It's too late for stitches, but you could try slapping a butterfly bandage on that corner if you wanted.

    2.) Ew. Fabreeze?

    3.) Yay Ballston!! Wave Hi to my old house!!

  2. My bike scrapes took a really long time to heal. After two days I would air out the cut as much as possible and that seemed to help with the healing. See you Saturday!

  3. 1. Ouch!!!
    2. What is Workout soap?
    3. Good luck in the race this weekend!!

  4. Sorry to hear about the elbow! Hope it gets better soon. WIN is my favorite running clothes detergent, it is the best and has gotten some pretty rank stuff out of my clothes! Good luck on Sat!

  5. Cure for stinky workout clothes: don't dry them in the dryer. Let them air dry on a rack. I've found that my gear lasts twice as long, the elastic stays tight, and they don't smell unless I wear them for 24 hours straight. For some reason putting them in the dryer just holds in the stench.

    Also, I totally bought workout soap for my clothes and I always forget to use it!!

    Good luck on Saturday! I'll think of you as I sit FOREVER on my fat ass in the car on the drive to Rehobeth Beach! (PS - ummm if you want to take a day trip to Rehobeth Beach at any point, give me a call--I'm there through Aug 6th!)

  6. Thank you for NOT posting a photo of your oozy parts. Rudi & Liz are right...let it air as much as you can. I don't need to see that nasty shit on Saturday.

  7. Nasty road rash! Good Luck on Saturday. I hope I can join up the next tweet up run - although I am sure all of you can run circles around my slow run.

  8. Okay, a little late to the sick-o party...
    A) yes, let it air dry- no bandage. Just be careful to not bang it. If it doesn't heal by the end of the weekend, go to the doctor dumbass! (I kid, I say that in an "I heart you" tone)
    B) HANG DRY your workout clothes after you take them out of the washer - NO DRYER! EVER! And try the Tide Sport - it's extra deodoranty, which some don't like and others (like me) take in stride since it is better than smelling like sweaty crotch :)
    C) YAYYYYY FOR A RACE! It will be your revenge 5K since hopefully it will be cooler! Go getem' Tiger!

    Wow, that was long - I"m just full of good info ;)

  9. If you want to try some of the tide detergent, let me know. I have a whole bottle and am happy to give you some since I'm not fond of the perfume in it.

    Have fun at the 5k. I'm tempted to run it, but can't really justify the $ for another 5k.

  10. 1. I had this same problem when a pesky ingrown hair/zit turned into an infected cesspool of grossness. I had to keep a band-aid on it when I went out, but tried to air it out as much as possible at home. (It actually started oozing down my leg when Matt and I went to the State Fair. We were fairly drunk and just thought it was hilarious!)

    2. *sigh* I have this same problem! I like the do drying ideas...

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  12. Just discovered your blog - love it! I don't have elbow rash but I do have several colors of the rainbow on my elbow and leg. Still learning to unclip foot before stop sign. Wanted to pass on what I carry for nutrition...Bonk Breakers are great. Sorta like a Clif Bar but better. I love almond butter & honey flavor but pb & jelly is also great. Gu works for me but getting it down is always a problem.
    Enjoy your tweet-up 5k!


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