40 miles + 4-inch high heels = ugh

First of all, I'll tip you off.  All of you Fast People with your "my legs were so tired I only did 12 miles in 65 minutes" and your "GIRL I KNOW I'm so sad about my 16:00 5K time" can just skip this first part and jump down to the pictures.  Puppies!  Cute!  Sparkly things!  Just skip on down.

On Friday, I decided it would be a good idea to do a tiny bit of speedwork.  I have no idea why.  I'm not really back up to a weekly mileage where I can put in speedwork, but if I have to do one more walking-on-IT-band-eggshells-2-mile run, I'm going to stab myself in the kidneys.  So, speedwork it is!

I haven't done any speedwork in about 6 weeks, and my running - and my approach - has changed a lot.  Hmm.  But rather than consult a pace chart, I figured I'd just wing it.  That's me, little miss planning.  Quarters sounded good (they always do - in my head, I'm going, "How much can it ACTUALLY hurt to run really fast for less than 2 minutes?"  Oy.)  Since my 2-3 miles runs have been averaging 8:40-9:00ish pace, I figured I'd start at 8:00 pace and work my way downwards.  I also figured I'd just go by the treadmill mph and figure out the pace when I got home.  

1: 1:50 (7:20 avg pace)  Oops.  So much for my mph to pace conversion.
2: 1:49 (7:16 avg pace)  Why is the treadmill shaking so much?  Oh, because it's still at a 3% incline from the warm-up.  FAIL KATIE FAIL.
3. 1:47 (7:08 avg pace)  These aren't hard at all!  Why do people complain so much about speedwork?
4. 1:48 (7:12 avg pace)  Wait, time to run again already?
5. 1:48 (7:12 avg pace)  THIS. (breathe) WAS. (breathe) A. (WHEEZE) BAD. (WHEEEZE) IDEA.
6. 1:46 (7:04 avg pace)  Death would be a sweet relief.

I followed it up with a 5 minute jog @ 9:20 pace.  Boy oh boy, does that feel slow after hauling my ass through 7-something miles!  

Now, I haven't done speedwork outside in quite some time, and yes, I HAVE heard that it's 105 degrees outside and no, I'm NOT interested it trying it now and yes, I DO know that makes me the biggest wimp on the planet.  I am interested to find out how fast I'd be if the treadmill wasn't dragging my ass through these.  Does anyone know about treadmill-to-outside conversion?  Also, a pace chart indicates that I could run a 24-something 5K and a 4-hour marathon.  BWAHAhAHAHAhahAhahaa!  That's hilarious.  You can find jokes all over the internet, kids!  I think next time I do speedwork I won't just do 400's, I'll mix it up a bit more and see what the numbers tell me.  As much as it pains me to say this, these weren't puke-threshold hard, and if my IT hadn't stuck its little head out of the ground to see WTF was going on, I might have done a few more.  

Last note: my total, including the 6-10ish minutes of walking/slow jogging I did before/during/after these, was 28:53 for 3.05 miles.  That wouldn't be a 5K PR for me, but it's only about 2 minutes away from one.  Just saying.

Saturday morning I got up super-extra-early to get in a long ride before the trail melted from the heat.  No sooner had I climbed out of bed than....
I keep your pillow warm, says G.

We did: 15 miles of fast n' flat, then 10 miles of hills that were too tough to even curse until I stopped, then 15 more miles of fast n' flat.  It wasn't the 50 miles I'd hoped for, but the hill miles made it a very worthwhile training ride.  I generally like hills because Thunder Thighs can eat everyone on the climbs, but these were tough.  Also, I need to gain my 30lbs back because I float gently on the downhills, when I want to fly.  Maybe a brick in my seat bag?  Maybe.

We did stop at Mt. Vernon to take a breather (that last climb sucks) and take some pics.  
Joe is a hill super-star.  Especially on the downhills.
 The look on my face here says: 

40 miles/2:37/avg. pace 15.3mph

After the ride, I took a 2-second shower and then headed up to Stroga for a class that was donating proceeds to Calvary.  For some reason, I thought this was going to be a hot vinyasa class (probably wishful thinking), so I drank 2 bottles of water (to add to the 6 I drank on the bike) on the way, and dressed in almost nothing.  Um, no.  When we walked in, I was the only nearly-naked person in a room full of people in soft yoga clothes.  And I didn't sweat any of the water out, so I had to pee so badly that the ab work almost created a new embarrassing moment.  But it was a terrific class, and I'd definitely go back.  

We had brunch afterwards with Liz (yum!  food made not entirely of sugar that didn't come from little plastic packets!) and then got cleaned up and headed to a friend's wedding.  It was a really nice ceremony and day, and they seem really happy together.  I didn't get a pic of the bride & groom, but we snapped a quick one (bad flash!).

We bailed out early because I was falling asleep in my wine, and I somehow managed to sleep from 8:30pm - 8:30am.  WHOMP.  Not sure what's on tap for today, but it will probably include a dog park trip, test run #853, and maybe some lazy sunshine time.  What have you been up to this weekend?  

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  1. yeah yeah all your work outs are making me feel lazy. why don't i feel like running? arghhhhhhh! also, i could not lift my bike above my head if i tried, but it's from the 80s and has a basket on the front and weighs 20482 pounds.

  2. IF I ever run that fast (which would be in 15-yard increments while a serial rapist is chasing me), I always wonder HTF do people do this for 5k...let alone 26.2 MILES???? We are just not all built for speed. But you look hotttt in your little strapless :)

  3. You are super speedy girl! Awesome pic with your bike!!

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog and actually reading my ramblings!! Speed work always sucks a big one - I puke on the track at least once every other track workout. But it does make you faster! Congrats on the hills as well! That is the problem with northern florida...we have no hills. Ok. One. But it's a bridge. 8:30 bedtime is no doubt what time my head will hit the pillow tonight!

  5. First of all, lookin' goood all dressed up! I once wore heels out after a 20-mi run....BAD idea. Horrible. Never again.

    On another note! The treadmill-outside speed conversion (for me) has usually been about the same!! Of course, that doesn't take weather into account, so for now, disregard that statement. I'm sooo ready to say "adios!" to this DC summer-business, Oof.

  6. You rock! I was just hearing on the TdF as I wandered through the living room that what makes a great hill climber is being super thin (thus light). So, that brick in the bag trick may backfire...


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