yes, I ran, but that's not the point

So, I ran on Friday.

I came home Friday night and wrote this whole long post about all the cross-training and strengthening I've been doing all week, and about how I ran, and what I did every little minute of it and how awesome I felt and about watching the 5K and seeing the winners come in and the poet and the running buddy kick ass and how it felt to be on the sidelines for all of that.  And I didn't post it because I wasn't really feeling it, and I'm still not.  So.  Short story: I did a walk/run on Friday, things felt okay but still worn out.

I think this break has been good for my head, to kind of reset myself.  When I started training again after a long injury lay-off, I was really careful and scared about every twinge, and then the sun came out and the birds were chirping and I got careless.  I also think I got used to things hurting as I cranked up the milage that I really wasn't ready to handle just yet.  It's partially me wanting to be where I was a year ago and partially feeling competitive as I watch everyone else rack up huge milage this spring.  

But I'm not there.  That's going to be okay for a while.  Maybe I change my focus and instead of training for a long race, I try and PR the crap outta my 5K.  Maybe I really crank up the swimming once I get the okay (hopefully this week).  I've been to the gym 6 days out of the past 7, and that hasn't happened in a few months, and it feels really good.  It's time to listen to my body - to really hunker down and listen - and do what feels good, and stop worrying so much about the numbers.


  1. So, we must have been within feet of each other. I was one of the women holding the banner that the lead runners ran through.

    It does sound like taking it easy with the mileage and really rocking the cross training may be your best bet. Listen to your body and enjoy the running that you can do. Hang in there.


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