three things thursday

1. My IT band is not cooperating.  (There are the days of our lives....).  I've been running on it, a little, and I haven't had any pain, but plenty of tightness that I would classify as "uncomfortable."  I've added another hunk of core/hip stuff to my workout, so maybe this extra will make that little difference.  Yesterday's walk/run was okay, but I could tell I was about to move from "tight" to "pain" in my last running set.  And I really don't want to walk/run 3 miles (on a treadmill) for the rest of my life.

2. I'm heading to NH today (airplane gods pending) to visit my girl, and I'm super excited!  This trip was originally planned for the weekend DC got 472 feet of snow, so I'm glad to finally be going.  There was something about Ben & Jerry's mentioned as we were planning.....

3. I've been thinking about buying a bike for a while, and now that a few of my friends have purchased one, I'm REALLY thinking about it (people to ride with = awesome).  I don't know anything about bikes (except that you shouldn't buy just the pedals and seat before the bike, ahem, ex), and I might go the cheap-bike-to-see-if-I-like-it route first.  But I hate wasting money, so maybe I just buy a medium-fancy one that will last a while.  Decisive as usual....

Happy Thursday!


  1. Bikes are amazing!!!! (Make sure it fits, whichever route you go.)

  2. ok, so the BF is a total biking GURU (no joke) - if you want to buy a bike, email me and I'll throw 100 tips at you that will initially make your head spin but will also hopefully help you out in the process :) heh

    have a safe/fun trip!!

  3. I can mountain bike - don't put me on one of those skinny wheel things!
    Have fun in DC! Who's going to take care of pup? I always worry about those things as a doggy mommy myself :)
    You're running will be back....I promise, until then, keep up the run/walk, I know it always makes you feel better!!
    P.S. You're going to have to tell me where you got this cool template - I HATE MINE BUT DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

  4. Have a lovely trip! No ideas for the bike or the leg, sorry.


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