It's day 2 of the running embargo here and spirits are high.  Last night I went to the gym and did every kind of stretching or strengthening exercise I know for my IT bands.  The one-legged squats on the Bosu are my favorite.  For some reason I feel like it just really gets into my problem spots.  Also, foam rolling after a massage is a giant suck sandwich, in case anyone is keeping track.  My IT bands today feel like hot lumpy potatoes.  Yum.

This morning I went and did another round of IT-related balance stuff, and then parked it on a stationary bike again.  I'm not a fan of the bike, because I get so bored and my tushie falls asleep.

I've basically decided to not run until at least Sunday.  I'm going to see if I can volunteer at the 5K so I won't be tempted to run it.  On Saturday, I might try a 1 mile jog just to see how things feel.  And Sunday morning: what will be, will be.  On the one hand, when I get to Sunday, I'll be on day 7 of rest, so if I don't run, I could probably just take another 3-4 days off and then try to come back slowly.  On the other hand, I'll have 6 solid days of rest, stretching, strengthening, and rolling behind me, and maybe that's enough to run a few Sunday morning.  I'm not going to run the full 10.  I've thought about dropping to the 5K, but I did that last year, and for some reason that feels more like giving up than a DNF.  (I understand how this does not make any sense).  But the 5K wouldn't tempt me to run more than 3 miles.  I've also thought about skipping it entirely.  I have a massage Monday afternoon, so I could skip the CB (GAH), have the massage, give it a few days to cool off, and maybe try running late next week.  

Clearly I can't decide what to do.  I think the best thing will be to just wait and see how I feel, and not plan anything.  And in the meantime, mash the shit out of my leg with the foam roller.  


  1. Girl give yourself a BREAK! Great idea to volunteer at the 5K so you can't run. 'Cause yeah, it's only 3.1 miles but you'll be tempted to RACE it. Not good. Be sweet to your ITB so it will be sweet to you! :0)

  2. Fingers crossed for you! Maybe I'll see you Friday. I'll have on a Pacers shirt, but I have no idea what they'll have me doing.


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