plan of action

I got back in bed for about an hour with some Easter candy and a book and just generally felt sorry for myself.

But now I need a plan.

Tonight: go to gym.  Lift all the major leg muscles, do all the IT-related stretching and strengthening I know how to do, plus all the balance-related core work I know how to do (balance stuff helped my L IT, don't know why).  Foam roll probably 2 more times, plus a few rounds of icing.

Tomorrow: I already have an appointment with my masochistic massage person, so I'm going to have her spend the whole hour on my two IT bands.  This has helped me a lot on the left side, hopefully she can work out the right.  I'm putting a lot of hope on this, because it's worked so well in the past.  Then, gym again, cross-train on the bike, balance and stretching/strengthening.  Ice myself happy.

Wednesday: I had 5 on the schedule, but I think I'm going to knock that way down - maybe just do 1 or 2, or maybe don't do anything at all.  I don't mind skipping that run entirely.  Ditto again foam roll, stretch, balance, ice, otherwise rest.

Thursday: Just like Tuesday - cross-train, roll, balance, lift, stretch, strengthen, etc at gym.

Friday: I had a 5K planned as an easy training run, and I think this will be a good test to see how things are feeling.  If it bothers me during 3, then I probably can't do 10 on Sunday.  Missing ANOTHER CB10M due to injury is really going to upset and frustrate me, but I'm totally on the side of lay out now for a week or two rather than miss several months.  

I've been planning on running the CB for fun, not for time.  I haven't done the right kind of training to do a fast 10-miler, and I'm okay with that.  It's a great course and my goal was to just go out and enjoy the day.  So time is not an issue here, but if things are still bad on Friday, I don't think I should run it at all.  

I'd love some input.  What would you guys do?  Decide now to not run?  Add another massage session (could probably get an appointment for Friday/Saturday)?  Foam roll yourself crazy?


  1. I would probably scrap the CB. Or I'd start it without a chip and drop out half way or something. 10 miles is a LONG way, even at an easy pace, and a lot of the stuff that you're doing to your leg will tire you and your body out, whether you feel it now or not. (Don't get a massage on Saturday whatever you do!!!!!) I stop lifting the week before a race because my body is just too tired to race well. So if you want to focus on getting better/heading off trouble, do that. Don't race. But you can wait until 7am Sunday morning to make that call. If you feel great, go for it. But I wouldn't push yourself so soon out of a boot and surgery. That's how we keep ending up hurt :)

  2. I have yet to experience any "real" running injury, so my advice isn't really much :-/ I would say just see how you feel after a run on Wednesday and take it easy on the cross training to decide what's best for the legs...? and foam-roll-crazy! :) can't hurt?

  3. I've not experienced an injury yet (knock wood LOL), but I'd definitely take it easy. If all goes well, do the CB VERY SLOWLY, but be prepared to either DNF or add in some walking.

    BTW, I'll be volunteering at the 5k this Friday. Enjoy the race!


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