three things thursday

1. The first thing definitely has to be: I ran 8.25 miles last night.  That's a post-injury PR for sure.  I was itching for it the whole gorgeous day!  The first 4 miles flew by - through Del Ray, by the metro, and down through Old Town out to the water (lots of stoplights!!). We stopped at 4 miles to stretch, I took a Gu, and we turned around.  Stopped by Pacer's to fill up our tiny water bottles (thanks!!  sorry about stretching my IT band in everyone's way!!) and headed back.  The only rough spot was, my knees started complaining around the 6.5 mark, but they didn't get any worse as we kept going.  When we only had about 1/4 mile to go, I just flew home - looked down a few times to see an 8ish pace - just wanted to be done.  The ice bath I took afterwards was amazing but short - my hot legs melted all of the ice and warmed up the water in about 5 minutes.

Total: 8.25/1:29:17/avg. pace 10:52

2. Which brings us to....why I always run a little bit more.  If I have 5 on the schedule, I'll run 5.1.  If I have 8 on the schedule, I'll run 8.25.  Why?  Well, two reasons - a) I don't trust my Garmin and b) I'm incredibly OCD.  I'm constantly worried that my Garmin is short, telling me that I'm running faster and farther than I actually am (I have the Forerunner 50 with the footpod, so this could actually be true).  I've calibrated it and it generally matches up with mile markers along all my runs, but still....  Also, I'm worried that when I get to a race, I'll be extra tired because I've been training short miles and/or I'll be disappointed by my time because my mileage hasn't been right.  I know that's tinfoil-hat kind of crazy, but it's true.  

3. How about something not related to running at all?  I love my job.  Most people don't get to say this.  I work from home, which is most of the awesome, but the people I work with are really smart and really competent and I enjoy the work that I do.  I've always wanted to work from home and now that I do, it's everything I thought it would be.  I also think it makes me a lot more productive.  The only down-side is that I think it's making me a bit of a hermit - sometimes I don't leave my house for days (except to run, go in the backyard, etc) and there was a solid month where I didn't get in my car.  But living in DC and not having to deal with commuter traffic is brilliant.  I was talking to my best friend last night (*waves*) and said - I think this is the first time in my life I've consistently gotten enough sleep.  It makes me a better person.  Plus, I get to hang out with the cutest puppy in the world all day:  


  1. Quote of the day, "I know that's tinfoil-hat kind of crazy, but it's true." Hahaha! You had me laughing hard at my computer - I love your writing.
    I am looking to start working from home here quite shortly and I can't wait! I just hope I have the discipline! And I too, would get to hang out with the most cute puppy, too!
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Omg, that pup is adorable. Definitely a good work-from-home socializing buddy ;)

  3. hanging out with the puppy is the best EXCEPT when he gets a case of Insane Running In Circles Syndrome. I don't think I've ever seen a dog actually chase (and chew on) his tail.


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