why hello, new hampshire!

I'm here!  It's cute!  I can't stop sneezing!

The plane gave me a teeny tiny bag of peanuts and a cookie, and I didn't plan well, so I was STARVING by the time I got to Boston.  I was worried about missing the bus, so I didn't grab anything in the airport.  No food = hungry cranky headachy Katie.  Thank GOODNESS for Julie!  Hurrah!  She took me to La Festa, and it was an amazing kind of delicious.  Garlic knots are my new boyfriend (sorry).

Also, they had several beers I've never see, so the woman at the counter was kind enough to let me try some....in a tiny coffee mug.  How cute is this?

Make mine a quadruple.

Yes, I'll have another, barkeep.

I ended up with something that either had "blackberry" or "blueberry" in the name.  It was yum-tastical.

It's man weekend back at the house.  Yikes.

This guy doesn't miss me even a little.  Okay, maybe a little.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Have fun! Enjoy yourself!!
    I heart beer :)

  2. beer out of a coffee mug?! that's classy. kind of like wine out of plastic cups...no?

    have a fun trip!!

  3. Was it Sea Dog Blueberry? I used to stay up late in a past life drinking that, eating wings, and playing Golden Tee in a bar in western Massachusetts. It's so yummy...



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