I feel blue

Sorry, no flip snarkiness today.  

Tried another run/walk last night, not a lot of pain in the knee, but the IT band feels like a hot poker down the side of my leg.  And this was after 2 hours of massage release, a roll on the foam, and a bunch of stretching.

I couldn't sleep last night worrying about it.  The last time I had IT band problems (on the other side) I spent 4 years in and out of PT - never, at any point, able to run - before my ortho gave up and surgically released it.  I am not strong enough to spend another 4 years struggling with this injury on the other side.  I'm just not.  

I've been in self-imposed PT for the past 10 days, and don't see a difference.  As it happens, I have a check-up with my ortho tomorrow for my shoulder, and I'm going to ask him what to do.  He'll probably say keep going with the self-PT, the massage, the foam rolling, the ice, and come back in a couple weeks.  My biggest question is: if my left IT ended up needing to be surgically released, what are the chances my right will end up needing it as well?  I mean, it's connected to the same hips and glutes as the left IT band.  And if those chances are good, then let's just skip to it.  I hate hate HATE having surgery, and this one was a doozy, but I don't have the mental toughness I had the first time around to keep dealing with this injury for years and years.  

I'm going to keep going with the cross training and lifting in the meantime, because I'm sure it's good for me one way or the other, but I hate that, one way or another, it looks like I might be about to sit out yet another summer of running and racing.


  1. I have zero advice, but I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

  2. what does "surgically releasing" an ITB involve?! I've never heard of this... :/ does Not sound fun...


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