three things thursday

oy oy oy.

1. I wish I could reach back to my post-surgery pre-running self and give her a slap.  Turn down that CB bib, come back slowly, and trust me on this one.  Now, I get that this IT band business probably would've flared up anyway, but still.  TURN BACK, TWO-WEEKS-AGO KATIE!  You're going to be really sad and down in a few weeks from not running if you keep this up.

2. I love my ortho.  I'm probably paying for his backup Ferrari at this point.  His take on the IT band is: I suffered for a long time with the last one with no improvement (over 4 years), ended up having a not-very-common surgery to fix it, and healed and responded really well to the surgery.  That means that it's possible I won't respond well to the massive amounts of PT, ice, massage, stretching, and strengthening I'm doing right now.  If I do, awesome and great and we really hope that's what happens, but if I don't, we're not gonna fuck around for years trying to fix it like last time.  He gave me a cortisone shot in the knee/IT band to try and calm the inflammation and speed up the healing.  He said to wait 4 days (later changed to 4-7, and I am going to BE PATIENT and wait all 7), then try and run, but I can bike and should keep doing all the PT whatnot during that time.  If it still hurts after a few weeks, come back, we'll do probably one more shot and then he'll go in and slice it up.  

Now, for the record, I hate doctors and shots and drugs and unnecessary surgery and all that business.  I don't like taking any kind of drugs for a long time, and I generally would prefer to let my body heal itself than get in the way.  But I've dealt with this injury before, and I know that I am doing EVERYTHING right to heal it, and if it doesn't, I'm not going to drag my feet just because I don't like having surgery.  Right now, my hips are strong, my glutes are strong, my overall fitness level is high, and I'm fighting to heal this thing.  That's the plan.  A dose of his we're-not-gonna-launguish attitude is exactly what I needed to start trying to dig myself out of how sad and blue I've been.

3. As usual, the third thing is the cutest puppy on the planet.  This is the first big snowstorm of the winter.  We had to dig out a place for him to go outside because the snow was much taller than he was.  Happy Thursday, everyone. 


  1. Fist pump for GOOD, No-BS Docs! ;) I hope the shots work tho, omg that surgery sounds painful...

    And, obviously that *is* THE CUTEST pup shot. ugh, was that just this past winter?! He definitely got a good dose of snow that he wont' forget (and neither will the rest of us, DC!)...

  2. Hope the shot and PT work and surgery is unnecessary, but it's awesome you have a doc you can trust.

    Cute pup!


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