march is a wrap!

I know, it's late.  Hush, you.

Miles Run: 54.1 
Long Runs: 3
Speedyish Runs: 4
Runs Mostly Spent Picking A Shorts Wedgie: 2
Days Off Post-Surgery: 10
Days In A Clunky Boot: 8
Races: 1 (4-Courts 4, hills, chasing a leprechaun in the rain)
Times I Tried To Spell Leprechaun Before I Gave Up & Google'd: 4
Post-Run Showers By Puppy Tongue: At least 8
Runs Cut Short Because I'm Still Swallowing My Dinner: 1
Runs With Too Tall Boys: 2
Runs Where I Accidentally Spit On Someone: 6
Runs Where I Yell Over My Shoulder, "Yes, I DO have a sweet, sweet ass!": 1
Runs In Indiana: 3
Post-Injury PRs: Distance/8.25 miles, 5K/29:07 (unofficial)

April Goals
Set a post-injury 5K PR (this post-injury PR thing is THE BEST)
Finish the Cherry Blossom 10M (another post-injury PR! amazingpants!) 
Finish the Cherry Blossom 10M NOT being chased by the tail car
Teach the puppy how to shake (he has a mental block about it)
Stop spitting on people while running
Get back in the stupid pool, pending doctor okay
Buy some new sports bras so I can stop wearing 2 at a time
Add 1 fruit/veggie to my day
Do 1 actual speed workout (let's be realistic here, people)
Get a bikini wax BEFORE it gets to the point that the woman says, "You have the werry bad hairs."
Run with someone new (I'm looking at you guys!)

What are your goals for April?

Shake?  What's that?