a relaxing weekend & lifting

I spent this weekend doing very little, which I haven't done in a while.

The poet left on Friday for an educational weekend of poker and sticky strippers in Atlantic City, and I promptly motored off to the gym, then to Barnes & Noble to fill out my Stephanie Plum collection.  I spent most of the next two days in bed or on the couch, reading and hanging with the puppy.  I read about 12 books, got to the gym for a few hours every day, and just kind of chilled out.

I'm now into 3 weeks of some pretty serious weight lifting and strengthening, and I think I'm starting to feel a difference.  I can make my rock-hard quad pop out of my leg, which is pretty neato.  I'm much closer to "glutes of steel" than "glutes of doughnuts" than I've been in a while, and while I don't know how you measure the strength of your abductors (open a beer bottle?  nope, that's glutes), I can just tell that mine are pretty rockin.  Before all of this insanity, I would generally get to the gym 1-3x a week, depending on my schedule.  Every time I went I did IT band stuff as maintenance for my older injury (but would do it on both sides), would either lift arms/chest&back/legs, and then would read and spin for a while before leaving.  Right now I can't lift chest/back because of my healing shoulder, and the "arm" stuff I'm doing is essentially PT for said same shoulder.  So a day of the gym looks like this:

IT-related exercises:
4x20 one legged Bosu squats (I can't get as low as that guy)
3x10 theraband hip abductor 
3x10 therband glute (these two shamelessly stolen from this article)
5 rounds of clock lunges on each foot

Leg lifting: 
3x15 hip abductor
3x15 hip adductor
3x15 straight leg calf raise 
3x15 leg extension
3x15 leg curl
3x15 leg press

Shoulder PT:
3x15 bicep curls
3x10 shoulder forward extension
3x10 shoulder sideways swing
3x10 shoulder lift
2x10 both arm swing
2x10 pec fly, no weight
3x10 theraband shoulder pullback

Followed by a bunch of stretching and a few rolls down the foam, then 30-40 minutes on the bike.  The leg lifting piece I do every other day, but the rest is daily.  I also have a theraband at home and do the theraband stuff a few extra times each day, plus I do one-legged squats about 600 times a day.  If anyone has any suggestions on additions to my IT-band-full-attack routine, I'd love to hear it.  I do the side-leaning-stretch and the cross-legs-bend-over-stretch and the half-pidgon stretch, plus the regular leg stretches, plus the leg lifts.

Saw my awesome massage lady this morning, so I'm taking today off.  Tomorrow a round at the gym, and Wednesday I will attempt a run/walk (day 7!).  Keep lots of fingers crossed for me this week.  I'm hoping that all the good Boston karma and emotion flying around will motivate my IT to just chill the eff out and let me run again.  


  1. Good for you for hitting the gym. If I couldn't run, I have a feeling I'd be hitting the ben and jerry's....

  2. Exercise is most important for healthy body. If you want to become relaxing then exercise is beneficial for you. When I came from the gym I felt very relax.


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