many monday ramblings

In no particular order....

I've done 3 runs since my cortisone shot/week off fiasco. They've all been walk/runs, with my longest stretch of running around 5 minutes, and fastest pace around 9:20.  I haven't had any sharp pinchy OMG WHAT IS THAT pain in my knee, but I can still tell things are a bit tight.  However, I can tell that the strengthening routine I've been doing for the past month is definitely helping - my legs feel a lot stronger than they maybe ever have.  This morning's run felt pretty good, but I'm still scared and taking it way easy.  

Total: 3.1/34:00/avg. pace 10:57

I ran 23 minutes out of 34.  What's funny (to me) is that my first 5K back from foot injury was 33:34, and I ran the whole thing.  Just means my pace is good on the run sections.  

My GWPC bib got a PR yesterday.  It's a sad thing that I wasn't there with it, but such is life.  Saturday I was feeling creaky and twingy and didn't want to risk the IT band pinch of death, so I handed it off to the poet, who got me a post-injury PR.  Easiest PR yet!!

A very good friend of mine from college is visiting for the weekend, so we've been doing a lot of DC-related eating & drinking.  We went to trashy karaoke on Saturday night ("Proud Mary" a surprising crowd pleaser) and services at the National Cathedral Sunday morning, which I've never done.  It's rainy and yuck out today, so I'm not sure what our plan is.  

I'm taking a double course load this semester, and it is  The econ class has a ridiculous amount of weekly reading, and even with my not-full work schedule, it's still pretty tough to keep up.

I probably should've called this post, "mindless monday..."


  1. Congrats on the PR, bib ;) I'm glad he had a good race!

    That's an interesting 5K comparison - just means that you'll definitely be faster during your comeback this time around! Whooop


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