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I love my massage woman.  She kicks butt.  We yap the whole time, and it's only occasionally (okay, very often) interrupted by my "ouches" of pain.  I LOVE IT.  HURT ME HARDER!  She spent most of my hour working on the IT band, and it.was.amazing.  I could tell that there were two knotted spots, and they felt sore and wrung out by the time she was done.  Hopefully this is a good thing.  I'm going back in a week for another round.  She mentioned a 2-hour session (I have some prepaid massages stacked up) and when I commented that it would be dull to work on IT bands for 2 hours, reminded me that I do have other body parts.  Oh, right.  So next week's session will be 2 hours.  Probably an hour on IT bands and an hour on those "other" body parts.

I'm going to call it a workout because I sweated for 60 minutes and I make the rules.

2 IT bands destroyed/1:00/avg. destruction 1/2-inch per minute x 4 billion times.

Also, I've figured out a way to roll on that side.  It involves me propping my head up on the ottoman thing to take some pressure off my shoulder.  I bet it looks amazing.  I should make an exercise video.  "How to foam roll when 50% of your limbs are already injured."  

Got to the gym, did a whole bunch of leg lifting, stretching, some more rolling, and sat on a bike for 7 miles.

In other top-of-the-hour news, I managed to break the Easter-candy-meal-plan and got back into some better eating.  Wheat toast w/PB, soy milk, banana for breakfast and a sandwich & banana for lunch, luna bar for a snack (still addicted), baked potato for dinner.  Trying to get more fruits & veggies in this month - it's been a challenge to work them in between the cream eggs and chocolate bunnies, but now that I'm not eating from the Easter Bunny Food Pyramid, it might be easier.  I've also managed to not return to Qdoba (I gave it up for Lent, taco salad AMAZING), which is great, especially considering I expected to be there at 12:01am Sunday morning with my mouth open.

In some non-running news, my house has become a science experiment of temperature control.  In December, a squirrel got into the duct work and rampaged all over the house before falling into the basement, chewing through the filter, and getting sucked into the fan.  It smelled like fried dead thing in our house for about 3 days after the awesome HVAC guy cleaned it out.  (On their pre-printed invoice, "Dead Animal Removal & Cleanup").  After talking with my HVAC guy, I think he (squirrel, not HVAC guy) might have busted up some ducts because the basement is 50 degrees, the main floor is 70 degrees, and the top floor is 200 degrees.  I bought some energy-saving curtains for upstairs, which seemed to have helped about 1%, but not enough for the roomies to be cool.  Anyone ever seen "The Money Pit"?  Right.  So we're going to try window air conditioners so they don't melt while we're trying to figure it out.  Melted roommates are generally no good.

Time for TBL and twitter blowing-up.  Night all!


  1. I love the way you write :) Glad you got a good beating from your PT peep, hopefully you will start mending quick! I am still eating from the Easter Bunny Food Pyramid - I gave up peanut M&M's until Boston but it's not going so well since Easter *sigh* Happy Tuesday :)

  2. Ah the foam roller. We are frenemies the foam roller and me. Ow ow ow!


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