three things thursday

There's really only one thursday thing on my mind.

1. I've decided not to run - anything - at all - on Sunday.  I'll might still go out and cheer on my friends that I know are running, but I'm not going to be lacing up my shoes for this one.  One of my running buddies gave me her CB bib, so I let her know she can give it to someone else.  I'm sure she'll find someone since people are throwing their mommas under the train to run this race.  Pulling out makes my heart kind of heavy, but I think - I know - it's the right decision.  I have a lot of other races planned this spring/summer/fall, and I will miss this one so I don't miss more.


  1. Good for you, being aware of your body and giving yourself time to heal. I know how hard it is to restrain yourself for the bettering of your health.

  2. Sounds like a good decision! Better to take a short time off now than hurting yourself at the race.

  3. It's always hard to make the decision NOT to race. But by not pushing too hard in this one race may allow you to KILL IT in future races instead of being hurt worse.

  4. You'll definitely be happy you made the right decision when the fun spring/fall races come around...*and* when that ITB is behaving itself and you can ENJOY the run ;)


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