5K Race Report

The first thing is, hot hot freaking hot.  I've spent the past 3-4 months (like all of us) bundling up to run; I think I've had 2 60* or higher runs.  I forgot how much the heat kicks my ass (spent last summer not running, injured, we forget so quickly...).

I think my splits were pretty consistent - I didn't want to try and PR this one because I'm far more concerned about the Cherry Blossom next weekend.  My plan was 31 minutes - even 10:00 splits.  My LTRYW 5K time was 33:something, but there was a big hill and I'm in better - although definitely not faster - shape now.  I planned it to be an easy training run.

I hit the first mile at 10:03 - perfect.  I felt like I was running a nice, relaxed pace.  However, right after this mile I started feeling really over-heated - I dumped the water station cup on my head, which helped for about a half mile, but then I was hot again.  Wearing two sports bras wasn't helping.  That plus the tight lung thing (almost gone, though) made me pretty sure I wasn't even going to come close to my goal.  And just like in the LTRYW 5K, I was apparently sleeping and missed the 2-mile marker, so I have no idea what that split was.  I was pretty happy to see that 3 mile marker, although we had to run by all the people that were done already and laying down, drinking water, stretching, etc.  Also, I almost body-checked someone (wearing a bib) who decided to cross the race course without looking. Idiot. 

Results are already up:

Total: 3.1/31:34/avg. pace 10:12

At no time did I feel like I was running flat out, which I think is good.  There were times where I felt like I was giving a pretty strong effort, but I think that was more heat-related than running.  It stresses me out a little bit that I was that tired after 3 miles, and next weekend I've got 10.  However, I can come up with a million "but"s (teehee) - but it was the end of the workday, but it was super hot, but I wasn't as well-rested, but my pace will be slower for the 10M.  The 10M starts at 7:40am, and right now the weather for that day looks fine, so heat shouldn't be a problem.  

The other piece is, that little knee niggle from Wednesday night started being cranky after about 2 miles.  I'm pretty sure it's just my tight IT band yanking on my knee, but I can't roll that side because that's the shoulder I had surgery on 2 weeks ago, and I can't put enough weight on the shoulder yet to get my upper-body off the floor and rolling.  I stretched, iced, and did some of the one-leg strengthening exercises I've done in the past, and this morning it feels fine.  I'm taking the next 2 days off from running, and I'll doing all of those things, so hopefully by Monday evening it will be happy with life again.

Heading up to PA with the poet and the pup.  Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. Great job! I'm running CB too! So excited. Hope it's not to hot for that one. Have a happy Easter!

  2. Great job on the run girl!!! You did great and ran a nice smart race, no pushing it! Save those legs for CB!

  3. you'll definitely feel different for the 10-miler! I think 5K = DEATH. especially when it is "raced"! :)

    I do hear that there's free beer after this CC 5Ks...are you doing any more of them??


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