cautious optimism

Cautious optimism.

Those are the words I used to describe my barely-a-run today everywhere I crowed about it.  Not enough to feel out of the woods by any stretch, but enough for me to lift my head out of this blue funk and peep around at the rest of the world.  I did 2 minutes walking/3 minutes running, 5 times.  The walking was all somewhere in the 14:00 pace, the running was all in the 9:40-10:10 pace.  I ran on a treadmill at the gym, trying to avoid both cantered roads around my house and turns on the track.  At no time did I feel any sharp shooting pain.  However, on the last two sets, I did feel the tiny tug that usually precedes the sharp shooting pain, but I didn't stop or slow down.  

Total: 2.1/25:00/avg. pace 11:54

I guess I'll take it, for now.  3 minutes running is not a long time, so I don't think this is a true test of the IT band at this point.  However, this is part of my master-come-back-slowly plan, so that's what I'm doing.  I'm going to spend tomorrow doing my regular lifting/biking gym routine, and I think I'll try this again on Friday.  I think I can feel a pretty serious difference in my hips and legs, based on the super pumped up leg routine of the last 3 weeks, but that might also be from 10 days off running, or all the bike work.  

So far, I've missed 2 Friday night Crystal City 5K's, the Cherry Blossom 10M and the Silver Spring 5K last weekend.  I'm definitely going to skip out on this Friday night's 5K, but if Friday is another solid run/walk on the TM, I may tentatively plan to do this walk/run solution for the GW Parkway 5K on Sunday.  I'm concerned about extending the overall time (I estimate 40 minutes for the 5K, roughly, at this pace), but I suppose I could also decide to walk/run up to 25 minutes, and then walk the rest of the way.  I think getting out of the house and out of my head and around other runners would be good for me, and be a good change from the tedious boredom of the gym.  I miss you, runners of DC.  

I also switched back from the New Balance 760s that I've been running in for the past 8 weeks to the Asics Gel 3000 I ran in before those.  My logic?  Not at all solid, but in the Asics, I didn't have IT problems.  The Asics fired up some peroneal tendonitis in my foot, which is why I switched to the NB - a less serious motion-control shoe - and I like the NB and think that they are just fine, but I needed the mental edge this morning.  I had a brand-new pair of Asics in my closet (bought 3 pairs a year ago when I found them for 40% off and have been lamenting the waste since I switched to the NB), so I pulled them out this morning, laced them up, and went.  Probably just all in my head?  Yes, probably, but I'll take it.  I also wore the same outfit I wore on my last pain-free run.  Again, did it make a difference?  No, not really, but I'll do any kind of juju lucky magic to make this happen.  

Cautious optimism.  There are worse things.


  1. Hang in there! My fingers are crossed that your slow comeback continues to go well.

  2. First of all, WHOOOOP! Run = success ;)

    Secondly, I'll be at GW too! You can find me post-race in the Beer garden. Then we're doing brunch at O'connel's (?? i think?). so, ya know, come join if ya want :)


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