injured? shocking

It probably shouldn't be a huge shock to anyone that I'm injured all the time.  Other than running, I just kind of fall down a lot.  This morning, for example, I fell down the (freshly-painted, yesterday) stairs carrying a glass of chocolate soy milk and a bowl of cereal.  When I ride the recumbent bike at the gym, I regularly bang my knees into the handlebars.  I've got about six bruises currently from this.  A few weeks ago, I was cutting my toenails and cut part of my toe off, so it hurt too much to put shoes on for several days.  As I was writing an email about my toenail stupidity to someone, I bit the inside of my cheek really hard and it started to bleed.  

The first time I took my dog for a post-run walk, I decided to call a friend to chat.  As I'm talking, the dog stops to do his business.  I lean over to pick it up with the plastic bag, and the phone falls out of my pocket and smashes into a million pieces on the sidewalk.  In lunging to try and catch it, I trip over something (what? nothing) and land facedown on the the pile of poo.  

And it's not just clumsiness.  I'm the girl that's dropped the towel on the treadmill, managed to step on it with BOTH feet and go flying off the back.  Who gets a bloody nose from a treadmill?  The first time I got back in the pool, I got a charley horse in the middle of a lane so bad that a speedo-guy from the next lane over dragged me back to the side.  It's probably a good thing I don't currently own a bike.  I'd be roadkill.

I'm sure those who know me can chime in with other stories of how I'm a klutz.  But it shouldn't surprise me so much when I get hurt running.  Being alive seems to be pretty tough in itself.

Off to my 2-hour beating, and then to the gym for a possible run/walk.  


  1. haha! I'd forgotten about speedo guy and how he awkwardly proceeded to massage your calf once you were safely back at the wall. Oh, old Washington-Lee crappy pool, how I miss you (not really). Good times, good times.

  2. Ouch! Today at work our mail delivery guy from the mail room was in a really big hurry, not looking where he was going but at the mail in his hands when BOOM! He ran smack into a cube. And not just a little bit but with his entire body. The whole dept could hear it - it was so loud. We are al klutzes - glad you at least have a sense of humor about it!

  3. As we say in the South, "Bless your heart." :P

    I often rescue my iPod at the last second as it is trying to commit suicide, thinking about your kamikaze iPhone the whole time. I didn't know, however, about landing in the poo. Good job, my friend. When you do something, you do it right.

  4. I can SO sympathize...I'm always tripping over things, running into things, falling over things, etc. I skipped a run outside with my running group tonight because I worried I'd slip on the rainy, slippery fake-brick sidewalks in Silver Spring and re-break my wrist. Stay strong, sistah--I've gotta believe healthier times are ahead for us both!

  5. k, i broke my ankle a few years ago-- walking on the **perfectly flat** sidewalk by the washington monument at night during DC bar crawl-- and all my friends were at a f'ing concert. no cabs to be had-- bar crawl and all, so as i couldn't walk, my friends ended up calling 911, who had trouble finding us because we were unsure of the cross street, so my college roommate went to figure out the cross street and i was accosted by a homeless man who told me that he had heard me cough three times, and i was going to hell. YIKES. when my roommate, also a katie, got back, he accosted her, telling her that she wasn't flagging the fire truck (which beat the ambulance to us) down correctly. the fire men were more concerned with our saftey-- and called the police about the homeless man-- who took him away in a police car... when i got to howard, the only hospital open to non-bar crawl related issues, we were there ALL NIGHT as it was packed... and all i really remember is a midget with a giant stick and a woman who told me i had good birthing hips... all pre-the-good-drugs/cast.


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